Great October evening, buck down in Ohio!

By Hunting NetworkOctober 18, 200914 Comments

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

The evening of October 17th did not start off as I had planned. I took my Lone Wolf Assault and climbing sticks in with me in an attempt to really hug a good bedding area that I thought was holding a good buck that I hadn’t touched yet…. It turned out that I couldn’t find a tree with anything close to natural shooting lanes where I wanted to setup so I backed out looped around out of that spot and went straight South of where I planned to hunt to a preset lockon. I was still right in the area I wanted to hunt, but about 70 yards further from the heart of the bedding area than where I planned to sit.

Once I was setup in my stand it was 37 degrees with a solid NE wind that was blowing into the double digits. Perfect weather for a big buck to show before dark.

Everything was slow to start the evening off except I noticed that the squirrel rut is in the heavy chase phase… Those little guys were running something fierce! The squirrels were fun to watch and they kept me entertained until 6:15 when I noticed a buck coming toward me directly from the North. And a great buck it turned out to be, one that I knew well from summer scouting. I recognized him right away from the palmation on the end of his left main beam.

As he stepped behind some of the abundant foliage 20 or so yards away, I drew back my BowTech Allegiance settled in and waited. 30 seconds later he stepped into a very narrow shooting lane at 6 yards and I let the arrow fly. There was no blood trail to follow as he dropped in his tracks and expired seconds later, the Victory arrow tipped with a Slick Trick GrizzTrick broadhead worked flawlessly once again!

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