Birthday Doe Down!!

By Dustin DeCrooOctober 15, 20095 Comments

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

October 7th proved to be a pretty good day all the way around.  I had a short day at the office and couldn’t think of a better way to start the evening than sitting in a treestand.  I headed to some local public land that receives and extreme amount of pressure but can be productive if you’ll use your head. 

A few days prior to this hunt, a wind shift made me change locations.  Rather than reset my stand I took advantage of the foggy air and wet ground to do a little in season scouting.  I stumbled into a gold mine (Oklahoma standards) when I found five Red Oak trees all together.  You have to understand that 99% of our Oak trees are Black Jack Oaks that produce acorns about the size of a pea.  It sounded like it was raining acorns and there were deer tracks everywhere.  The only problem being that there wasn’t a decent tree within 75 yards that would allow my climber a place to rest. 

I packed in my stand along with my Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks  when I decided on a tree it was obvious I wasn’t going to need many… two to be exact.  We had a forecasted SE wind and I set my stand on the West side of the Red Oaks, expecting the deer to come from the NE.

Exactly as I had planned, two does arrived at 6:40pm and within a matter of seconds an Easton Axis tipped with a Slick Trick Magnum zipped through her lungs.  The shot was just under 25 yards and she crashed 50-60 yards later.  This is probably the most rewarding doe that I’ve ever killed just due to the fact the property is pressured so hard and that it’s kind of nice to know that doing your homework does pay off!

Another deer falls to a Slick Trick, can’t argue with this hole!!!

Dustin DeCroo
Hunting Guide at Big Horn Outfitters
Dustin is a professional hunting guide and owner of Big Horn Outfitters in Buffalo, Wyoming where he lives with his wife and 2 children.
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