Second-generation Disposable Active Carbon Face Masks

By Hunting NetworkJune 21, 20095 Comments

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

The missing link in total scent control is eliminating the human odors present in the breath. Game can detect these odors more effectively than they do other foreign or human odors. The solution to human breath scent control is the new, improved Breath-Taker Camo Face Mask. This innovative disposable active carbon face mask is the only practical option for eliminating game-spooking bad breath. The Breath-Taker is a significant improvement over the first-generation ‘Smootchie’.

 The new Breath-Taker is an easy to use, comfortable disposable mask that contains 50 percent more carbon (60 GSM rating) than the original ‘Smootchie’. It’s also more breathable thanks to an improved filtration layer that filters out dust, pollens and allergens down to 5 microns. The Breath-Taker also offers a new lightweight fabric and improved temperature/moisture regulation feature making it more comfortable wear for longer periods, while improving moisture control during temperature extremes. The lighter camo pattern also blends in more effectively with the latest designs in camouflage clothing.  Each re-sealable 5-pack conforms to US Army activated carbon packaging specifications.

I am personally looking forward to the second generation and highly recommend this product to anyone who takes scent control seriously. 


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