DoubleTake Archery introduce’s NEW BowPlane2.

DoubleTake Archery, LLC, has introduced the BowPlane2 (BowPlane “Squared”) which integrates the remarkable BowPlane laser alignment tool with a bow square, resulting in the most comprehensive and convenient archery setup tool yet.

The original BowPlane introduced early 2007 nocked on a bowstring and sat on your rest just like a normal arrow, proving to be the most accurate and convenient setup tool available.  Using laser and fiber optic technology the BowPlane projects a visible reference plane, or “sheet” of laser light 360 degrees around the entire inside perimeter of a bow – up and down the bowstring, along the cams and/or idler wheels, upper and lower limbs, rest and sight pins – enabling archers to quickly set centershot on their rest, windage on their sight pins and check for cam lean all at the same time.  This eliminates the need to “guesstimate” or “eyeball” initial bow alignment and set-up and archers found they can quickly and easily double-check their bow setup in a matter of seconds anytime throughout hunting season or during competition.

Now, in addition to all the above features of the original BowPlane, the all-new BowPlane2 incorporates a convenient bow square.  The bow square allows for precision nock point positioning on the string while the shaft of the BowPlane2 sits on the rest in the same position as an arrow.  The new square provides an extra stable and accurate positioning of the BowPlane laser as it has two secure connection points on the string instead of one.  It also has a compression o-ring, which holds the BowPlane shafts’ angle of rotation more precise than before.


Please be patient as Bowhunting.Com will soon have this new BowPlane2 in stock. Review coming soon!


  1. Amy Wagner | Hunting says:

    These look very complicated to use but thank goodness I will never have to find out to use them I am no hunter.

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