HCO ScoutGuard SG550 & HCO ScoutView SG550V

HCO ScoutGuard SG550 & HCO ScoutView SG550V

The smallest trail camera in the world brought to you from HCO!   Since HCO brought HCO ScoutGuard SG550 series to the market in February 2008, the SG550 has had very good expert and/or professional reviews. In 2008, customers and users have been totally amazed by SG550’s compact size and its many other attractive features packed in this tiny unit: non-flash IR digital, 5MP, 1.2second trigger time, long battery life using 4 or 8 AA batteries, awesome daytime color and nighttime b&w pictures and videos, Weather Proof (moisture and cold weather), and many more!

In addition, you’ll enjoy reading these stories about its highly effective applications in Surveillance and Law Enforcement use.

HCO SG550 also has a wired remote control that is very easy to use! The current settings are saved on the camera’s internal memory so taking the remote to the field is only necessary when you need to change camera settings, view battery level or view photos (available on SG550V).

Very attractive marketing features are SG550’s competitive price and the 5-star technical support & customer service provided by HCO – ranked by customers since February 2008 as being far superior to other companies in the industry! You may find the HCO SG550’s full specification or user’s manual on HCO’s website.

For 2009, HCO has introduced the new and upgraded ScoutView SG550V series that has color picture viewer built in the remote control. You can also view the first frame of each video. This helps hunters and security users considerably because you can view the pictures (or what triggers the videos) right on the spot and make sure your trail camera is in the right location, pointing to the right angle and mounted at the right height. Once properly set up and turned on the camera will do its job and upon return you can just plug in the remote and you can see what the camera has captured!

Anti-theft and bear safe security box can also be used if you need extra security and protection on this camera.

HCO ScoutGuard SG550 and HCO ScoutView SG550V come with one-year limited manufacturer warranty handled by HCO.

This photos shows how small the unit really is. Hiding this unit in the woods would be no problem at all.

 Here you can see the actual remote control of the unit.



  1. Todd, does this camera have a memory card?

  2. I think it uses a SD Card.

  3. These cameras all use an SD Card (up to 2 GB Capacity). The card is not normally included with the camera but some Authorized dealers include a card. The battery life is Excellent as is the quality of pictures and Video. http://WWW.TrailCamerasOnline.com has a SPECIAL right now – they are including a FREE 2GB SD Card with each camera purchased for a month or so.


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    I just had a funny thought: if all the animals would be capable of reading cctv signs our hunters would have to find different hunting ways, something less technological maybe… But that's not gonna happen anytime soon.


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