Swivelimb Products Review

One of the neater items I came across at the ATA Show was the Swivelimb Treestand and the related products at their booth. The treestand has actually been around for a while. I remember seeing them on Dave Embry’s hunting videos quite a few years ago. There have been some improvements made and they are hitting the market again. Their lineup has 2 stands, a multi-use winch, and a new screw-in step tool.

Their Swivelimb S1 is unlike any other stand on the market. It has the ability to adjust to almost any angle, making it one of the best stands for hanging on crooked or leaning trees. I have this stand on my list of things to buy this year. The M.S.R.P. is $199.99.

  The Swivelimb S1 will fit almost any tree.

The seat and adjusting mechanism are made of sturdy DuPont ZyTel and the platform is made of steel.

This stand features include: Multiple leveling positions Silent swivel seat Seat-to-tree distance is adjustable 9300 lb. Ratchet strap 19.5 in. wide platform Weighs 19.75 lbs. 300 lb. capacity

They also sell just the seat by itself, called the Swivelimb S2.

  The S2 would be great for hunting on the ground or duck hunting flooded timber.

This model can be used by itself for turkey hunting or duck hunting in a flooded woods by attaching it to a tree. You can use it with a platform as a tree stand or it can also be used as a free standing stool. The M.S.R.P. is $164.99

The seat features are: 1200 level mounting positions Silent Swivel seat Seat-to-tree distance is adjustable Can be used as a pedestal on the ground 9300 lb. ratchet strap Weighs 9.5 lbs. 300 lb. capacity

Another item at their booth I plan on purchasing is the Trewinch.

  I can think of many uses for the Trewinch.

I can see many uses for this on my property, everything from hanging my deer for skinning, to lifting it on my 4 wheeler, hanging a feeder, to hanging food at camp, lifting tree stands in trees, or just helping to lift heavy objects. The M.S.R.P is $69.99.

The Trewinch features include: 9 ft. long 9300 lb. ratchet strap Securely straps to almost anything Silent operation 30 ft. of 500 lb. rope with carabiner

The last item from their booth is the StepBrother.

  The Stepbrother could be a real handsaver.

This is a tool designed to make screw in tree step installation easier. It looks like a motorcycle throttle handle and is made from high tensile strength injection molded Zytel. You slip it over the tree step and as you screw the step in, the center spins so your glove doesn’t wrap around the step or your hand doesn’t get ripped to pieces. Simple but it really works. The M.S.R.P. is $9.99.

You can check out all of these products at http://swivelimb.com/. I am hoping to talk Todd into carrying these here on the site so check back for updates!

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