Shed buck game camera pics, and a surprise…..


Looks to be a healthy buck who has shed his antlers at first glance……



  Maybe even at second glance…..



How about now?????



For my area his muscles structure would be very large in his shoulder area to be 1.5 buck, nor do his facial features look to be a yearlings so I am leaning at 2.5 years old…  I never saw this buck all summer on camera or all fall from stand….. 

I just put a camera back out a week ago to check on the shedding process…..  This is the only shed buck on camera so far.

I wonder if that is a birth defect or an injury sustained later in life.   Any thoughts, ideas or experiences to shed some light on this?


  1. Jason Lowmaster says:

    Ouch, that had to hurt, that is a crazy picture Scott, very cool!


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