30 Point Whitetail Buck Harvested

Huge 30 point whitetail buck taken! While rumors have spread far and wide throughout the internet over the past few seasons of this awesome whitetail, it remains somewhat of a mystery as what was it's real cause of demise!?  What state was it even taken in!? This incredible buck is easily one of the largest ever taken by a hunter and begs the question: Why such mystery!? If you had been the deer hunter, whether with gun or bow, would you have kept this animal and it's 30 points all to yourself!? Could you resist the temptation of letting everyone around you know the truth!?


Some of the mystery that surrounds this phenomenal whitetail buck is truly fascinating! From the stories of a small Amish boy who made a stalk on this buck through a standing cornfield in Wisconsin, to a small tavern owner outside St. Paul, Minnesota. A gun hunter from Georgia, an Amish man from Iowa, even your buddy from the neighboring county! It seems that everyone has claimed the prize of this 30 point buck with no real owner to be found.

The most truthful insight of this non-typical seems to stem from the 2006 Ohio archery season. According to this tale, on opening day of that year a young Amish hunter on the Ohio river around Adams county arrowed this buck. Shot with crossbow, the hunter, Jonathon Schmucker declined the photo as it is against his Amish custom. The massive non-typical buck was green scored at 304"! With a 24" inside spread! If this is the true story to this now legendary 30 point buck can you imagine not getting your picture taken with it?

And so it goes… The legend of the 30 point buck circulates amongst deer hunters everywhere! A new yarn to spin by our campfires, a new photo to see on our open forums. This huge.. 30 point.. whitetail buck.. may never hold the last name of it's maker- And it's legend will only escalate! But it truly has a tall tale to spin…doesn't it?

If you have any information on this amazing 30 point whitetail buck, please don't hesitate to send it our way.


  1. Bill Winke says:

    That buck was killed last year (maybe even the year before) by an Amish boy with a gun in Ohio. It has been recirculating on the web this year with different stories attached to it.

  2. Scott Abbott says:

    That buck was a crossbow kill in Adams county ohio. It was not a gun kill. They call this buck the "Lucky buck", or the "Schumucker buck". It was actually a cover story for North American Whitetail Magazine two years ago.

  3. Scott Abbott says:

    I forgot to add, it was taken on opening day as was stated by the bow staff in the original blog entry.

  4. Justin Zarr says:

    Scott – you're correct on all accounts. I did a little bit of additional research on this buck after the story was posted. I remember seeing the buck at the ATA show two years ago in the Lucky Buck booth, hence the name. I'll see if I can dig up the photo and add it to the blog entry when I have a chance.

  5. mr. wetzel says:

    that buck is fake there is no way that deer could have got that big in an area being hunted much less no have lived long enough to get that big that is a bunch of crap it really puts me in a bad mood how some one can be horrible enough to make up a bunch of crap like that that guy should be charged with froad and is an embarrasment to all hunters

  6. ZBowman says:

    Mr. Wetzel is a Joke. I took my first "Big Buck" this year with a bow. 12 points will post pic once developed.

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