Jenesco Ozone Generator Review

Early in the hunting season Todd sent me a Jenesco Ozone Generator to put to the test. The model I was sent is the Edenair Scent Remover II. This device is supposed to remove unwanted scents from hunting clothing. It does this by “generating ozone, which attaches to other air born molecules rendering them inactive by oxidation.” Nature does this thru sunlight and thunderstorms, both produce natural ozone. Larger models are used to clean up smoke odors in fire damaged buildings and to get rid of mold in buildings.


I have to admit I was skeptical, but I gave it a try with some of my hunting clothes. I hung my clothes in the plastic garment bag that comes with the unit.



The unit comes complete with the garment bag and generator.

 I plugged in the unit and stuck the hose into the bag and zipped it up tight around the tube. Like the directions state to do.


Insert the hose into the bottom of the bag and turn it on.


When operating the generator gives off a strong bleach smell. This is supposed to be normal. I let it run overnight with my clothes in the bag. When I took my clothes out the next morning they had the bleach smell on them for a while. But it disappeared after about 10 minutes or so on most of my stuff. However my HSS Harness seemed to retain some of the bleach smell in the mesh part of it. I don’t know if is something to do with the material or what. But I couldn’t get it out of the mess even after a couple of washings. I put the vest in a bag of dried leaves and that took care of it. The rest of my hunting gear seemed to be odor free.


I then decided to give the ozone generator a real test. I had some old hunting caps that I had sweated in a few times and they had a good odor to them. I put them in the bag overnight. When I took them out they still had the odor to them. So I tried the generator in my hunting boots that had some foot odor going on in them. I let it run overnight without much reduction of the odors.


The next test was with a coat I had worn around a camp fire that smelled really strong from smoke. I hung it in the bag overnight and the next morning the smoke smell was completely gone.


I had driven over a dead skunk with my car and some of the odor just didn’t want to leave the inside of my car. I used the generator in the car with the cigarette lighter attachment. I let it run overnight and the next morning after the bleach smell cleared out there was no more skunk smell.


I have had mixed results with the tests I have put this unit thru. It seems to do a good job of taking care of foreign odors like skunk and smoke, but as far as human odors like sweat and foot odors. I haven’t found it to be totally successful at removing them. Then I had the problem with my HSS Vest retaining the bleach smell. I believe this had something to do with the mesh material. That was the only time I noticed any item retaining the bleach smell. I am not sure this is the answer to all of our prayers about remaining scent free, but it may be another small piece of the process. Just like scent-lock nothing is 100% effective, but if it gives us just a little help it might get us one more crack at that big buck. If you would like more info.  on the full line of Jenesco Ozone Generators, you can check them out at their website.

And if it is something you would like to see carry in stock, send us and e-mail and let us know. Or leave a comment below this article.


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