Quality Deer Management – Three Does Down!

By John MuellerNovember 12, 20081 Comment

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

I invited a couple friends from the site to hunt with me last weekend. Matt/PA usually comes out this way and hunts some public ground in IL with Greg/MO. So I asked them if they would like to come hunt my property for a few days. They jumped at the chance to hunt some IL private ground. With bucks like this running around who could blame them.

My best buck on camera so far.

After two and a half days of hunting hard for mature bucks, we had 1 good buck sighting and many sightings of "Half Rack".


Half Rack, I don't think he ever grew the other side.

You can't tell too much form the pic, but he has a really good one sided rack. If he had the other side to match, he would be at the Taxidermists right now. We had also seen many small bucks and a ton of does by themselves. Before going out for the last evening hunt we decided if a nice doe walked by without a buck chasing her, she was going in the freezer. Well we ended up with plenty of meat for the freezer. I sent a Rage thru one and Greg put 2 does down compliments of Rage. And one of Greg's does was the biggest I have ever seen. She looked like a horse laying there.

The freezer is now full.

Since I usually hunt by myself, it was neat to have a couple of friends hunting with me and texting back and forth while on stand. It was neat to know what the other guy was seeing from his stand and sometimes the same deer would come by my stand later. Oh and Matt just loved checking trail cameras every day.

Matt always kept us entertained.

And this story would not be complete without a picture of Greg's Jeep loaded down with the three does. I think my side still hurts from laughing at the sight of those three deer on the roof and blood running down the side of the Jeep. He said they did get a few funny looks driving home that night.


Now that is Hunting at it's finest!!

John Mueller
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