Hunters Specialties True Talker Grunt Tube

Today's modern bowhunter is always on the lookout for that extra advantage that they can receive while chasing the elusive whitetail deer. Scent attractants and eliminators, trail monitoring cameras, wind checkers, and basic calls are just a few of our favorite treestand accessories available to us today.


One item that no deer hunter should ever be in the woods without is the grunt tube. An old innovation that still should grace even the most veteran hunter's backpack. A wide variety of grunt tubes are available today ranging from single buck grunters, doe bawlers, buck growlers, and multiple callers which seem to make up for the bulk of today's market.

The Ture Talker by Hunter Specialties –

Complete with 4 memory tones, the True Talker allows the hunter to effectively find a desired past tone.

One of the oldest and most well known grunt calls available today is the True Talker by Hunter's Specialties. A multiple deer call that produces nearly all the sounds of a whitetail's vocabulary, and all in a single call that can be worn around the hunter's neck.


Unlike many of today's calls, the True Talkers vocal reed is still made from hardwood. Not plastic like so many other modern manufacturers. The patent balanced, hardwood reed gives the call a more natural tone and keeps moisture from quickly closing the reed on those cold November mornings when whitetail bucks are on the move.


What's more, the True Talker has four memory bands which allow the hunter to effectively find a desired past tone. Made mostly of rubber and complete with a built in lanyard, the True Talker by H.S. allows hunters to carry just one call in the woods this autumn.


As a hunter who relies on the old adage to "keep it simple stupid" (K.I.S.S.), the True Talker has earned a well deserved place around my neck or in my backpack. Starting in mid-September, with a gentle doe bleat, I've been able to call in and calm countless ladies over the past 2 years since I purchased this call. The impressive ease of this call quickly allows for me to change tones with just a simple slide of the finger. And within moments a buck grunt hums from my call, and an appearance is quickly born of a buck and doe in chase, or simply socializing on the edge of a food plot.


The only downside a hunter could have with the True Talker is the scent it can give off. It has a strong rubber odor that’s not easily masked.  As a scent control fanatic, I get frustrated when I catch wind of it. However, it's never caused alarm from a single whitetail that I've personally seen.


The photos speak for themselves. Whitetail deer hunters across the continent have fallen in love with this old standby deer call. Deer camps across the country have raved about this product for years, and with good reason. It is my go-to call. My advantage in the whitetail's world. The True Talker by Hunters Specialties is a must have for any serious bowhunter. I own two.

While writing this review of the True Talker, the author was able to take this great buck in northeastern Illinois out of a large cattail marsh. One soft doe bleat followed closely by two short bursts of a buck grunt was all that was needed to dupe the buck in close range. The typical 8-pointer had two broken tines and field dressed at 194 pounds!


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