Nikon Binoculars: As tough as They Come

By John MuellerSeptember 25, 20083 Comments

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

I have had my pair of 10×42 Nikon Monarch Binoculars since 2005. I first bought them to take on my Elk Hunt to New Mexico. Now I use them every time I am in the woods whether hunting or not. They are a great tool for long range scouting. They were definately a couple of steps above my old Tasco model.

One of my favorite features of this model is the rubber coating on the housing. It serves a dual purpose. It protects the unit form severe shocks and dings. And believe me mine has seen their share of dings. No worse for the wear tho.  And it makes them very quiet when they come into contact with metal or plastic objects on your jackets, safety harnesses and tree stands. That was really annoying on my last pair. Those metal buttons and zippers really made a racket when the binos rub against them. Always at the wrong time too.

The view through the lenses of these binos are crystal clear. Makes it easy to tell if that movement you saw was a big old buck or a trophy squirrel. The light gathering ability is great when those last minutes of daylight are slipping away too. Lets you know if it’s safe to slip out of your stand or if you are being watched.

The 10 power is great choice for the average hunter. Any more magnafication and you loose to much field of view.

All in all I have been extremely happy with my Nikon Monarchs. If I lost them tomorrow I would have to get another pair just like them. Mine really take a beating during bow season. Between bouncing around in my truck cab and clanking off of everything as they swing from my neck, they have been put through the torture test.

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