Using A Drone To Survey Your Deer Herd

By Todd GrafMarch 23, 20232 Comments

We were lucky enough to have the guys from Drone Deer Recovery out with us the other day. The main goal was to survey a couple of our hunting spots to get an idea of what our deer numbers were like.

We had a ton of fun with these guys and the technology truly is mind-blowing. Check out how the day went in the video below:

Now this isn’t the last we’ll be talking about the pros and cons of using drones to recover deer. The guys were able to hang around for a bit after the analysis to do a podcast with Todd and delve deeper into their history, as well as everything that goes into doing what they do.

Todd Graf
An Illinois native, Todd grew up bowhunting the swamps of Central Wisconsin. He now spends most of his time improving the habitat on his own farms while juggling multiple successful businesses, including Bowhunting.com, a web development agency and a 300 acre pheasant hunting club.
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