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Dan Staton
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Early Season Elk Tactics

Early season elk tactics for a bowhunter will vary greatly depending on which state you are hunting.

Bowhunting Public Land Elk

The allure of public land elk hunting boils down to a super-tuned bow in the hands of an ambitious and determined bowhunter.  Step onto to public ground turf with broken-in boots,  zero cell phone service and zero Wi-Fi, and adventure waits around every c

Bowhunting Spring Bears

Idaho spring bear hunting is near and dear to my heart. Public ground bruins roaming large tracts of rough country with limited access to the average hunter – perfect. The long winter adds to the anticipation for a weary cabin fever bowhunter like myself.

The Fear of Failure; A Key to Bowhunting Success

None of us are immune to fear. Everyone has tasted failure and hated the feeling. It sucks and it doesn't make anyone feel good. However, the fear of failing is what drives me to prepare. Abraham Lincoln once said, "Give me six hours to chop down a tree a

The Elk Learning Curve

Back in 2001, it took me about 20 minutes to harvest my first bull elk with my Dad’s Remington .308. My dad cow called the bull in during a late October rifle hunt, we knew where the bull lived and beat out a half a dozen other hunters to his core area du

Limbsaver Silent Quiver

This is a 5 arrow quiver made with noise and vibration material that makes it extremely quiet.  It is very effective at dampening sound that is associated with the shot of your bow.  The rubber is utilized in the gripper and the hood of the quiver, which

Scent Blocker Live Wire G2

This year's second generation system is designed for peace of mind for the avid tree stand hunter.  It's basically a 25' spider braid line that is compact and goes around the tree and works with any TMA approved safety harness.  It prevents you from being

Game Plan Long Haul

This pack system is a must for the avid ground blind hunter - The Long Haul will fit your ground blind, chairs, and it has a shelf on top for your decoys titled the "Decoy Attic."  The welded seem lines are more durable than sewing and can hold hefty load

Performance Menu for Backcountry Bowhunting

Backcountry is home to long hikes, sweat soaked backpacks, and massive caloric expenditure. Backcountry bowhunter Dan Staton provides helpful insights into proper nutrition and hydration for your next backcountry bow hunt.

Physical Preparation For Elk

The days are winding down to the opener of elk and deer season. Are you prepared? If not, try this routine to kickstart your training if you've fallen a little behind.

Bull Elk Tactics

If you want to arrow a big bull elk in September follow these three tips.

Bowhunting Public Land Elk: Part 1

Do you want to succeed where others fail? Then tune into what this accomplished public land elk hunter has to say.

Healthy Bowhunting Shoulders

If these muscles fail you it's game over on your bowhunting career.

Bear Hunting On Your Own

Looking for a bowhunting adventure that will get your heart pounding but won't empty your wallet? Look no further than spring black bears on your own.

Bowhunting Toms And Bulls

You can learn a lot about bowhunting turkeys from bowhunting elk.....just ask the author.

GPP for Bowhunting Success

Preparing yourself for the mountains means more than picking up a weight and running on the treadmill.