Wild Game Vending Machines are Big Hit in Japan

By Brodie SwisherMay 10, 20231 Comment

Despite all the ugliness that came with the COVID crisis in recent years, there were some pretty positive outcomes that stemmed from the pandemic as well. At least that’s what a number of Japanese locals seem to think about the new wild game vending machines that were launched over the last couple years across the country. 

Vending machines are nothing new, but food vending machines have recently taken on a new twist across much of Japan. None of which are as impressive as the ones now offering wild game meat. That’s right! A reporter at Sora News 24 says she discovered a wild game vending machine while traveling in Wakayama City.  

Wild Game Vending Machines Are Big Hit In Japan
Would you eat meat from a wild game vending machine? Photo: Sora News 24

The particular machine reporter, Haruka Takagi, found venison and wild boar. The prices were 1,000 yen ($7.50), and the machine only accepts 1,000-yen bills. The machine was located right next to a meat processing center for wild game named, Inoya.

Another machine located in the northern district of Akita was installed at the end of 2022 and has experienced a steady flow of customers ever since. This machine sells locally killed wild bear meat, which sells for ¥2,200 / $16.50 per 250g, which is a little more than half a pound.

The meat comes from bears taken by members of a local hunting club who were permitted to kill a certain number during the annual hunting season. 

What do you think? Would wild game vending machines be a hit here in America? Would you ever eat meat from a vending machine? 

Check out this clip from episode 12 of The Pinch Point:

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