Top New Bows for 2023

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LAST UPDATED: October 10th, 2023

Every fall, the top bow manufacturers begin releasing their new flagship bows for the next year. We’ve collected info for all the top new bows and will continue to update as more companies release their bows throughout the year.

So take a look at the top new bows for 2023…

Mathews Phase 4

Top New Bows For 2023
Speed:340fps | 336fps
Axle-to-Axle:29″ | 33″
Mass Weight:4.48 lbs | 4.68 lbs
Brace Height:6″ | 6.5″
Draw Length:25.5″ – 30″ | 27″ – 31″
Draw Weight:60, 65, 70, 75lbs
Let-off:80 or 85%
MSRP:$1,299 | $1,399
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The new Phase 4 by Mathews is their most efficient hunting bow to date. They continue to improve on their bows year after year, and this bow is no different.

With the all-new Resistance Phase Damping™ (RPD) and Bridge-Lock™ Stabilizer this is the quietest and most vibration free bow that Mathews has ever created. It’s available in 2 different axle-to-axle lengths and 8 different finishes.

Check out our full in-depth review of the new Phase 4 HERE.

Hoyt VTM

Top New Bows For 2023
Speed:342fps | 334fps
Axle-to-Axle:30 5/8″ | 33 3/4″
Mass Weight:4.6 lbs | 4.8 lbs
Brace Height:6″ | 6.25″
Draw Length:25″ – 30″ | 26″ – 31″
Draw Weight:30 – 80lbs
Let-off:80 or 85%
MSRP:$1,349 | $1,449
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Hoyt Archery announced the release of their new flagship bows for 2023, the Hoyt VTM 31 & 34. This bow is a build-off of their Ventum Pro from last year with the same cam system and In-Line™ compatible accessories.

The main difference for this new bow, is the decrease in sound. When utilizing their In-Line™ accessories, this bow was actually quieter than without them. This system also benefits the shooter by providing a smoother and more stable shot.

With the additions of a 31″ and 34″ axle-to-axle model, they also added 2 new color finishes. In the side-by-side image above, the VTM 31 on the left can be seen in their new “Bourbon” color, and the VTM 34 on the right is in Origin Raptor™ Highland.


Top New Bows For 2023
Speed: 338fps | 340fps | 330fps
Axle-to-Axle: 32″ | 34″ | 36″
Mass Weight: 4.5lbs | 4.6lbs | 4.7lbs
Brace Height: 6.25″ | 6.25″ | 6.75″
Draw Length: 26″ – 31.5″
Draw Weight: 40 – 80lbs
Let-off: 85%
MSRP: $1,299 | $1,299 | $1,399
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The REVEX Series from Prime Archery continues their trend of stability and accuracy. After getting rid of the dual cam system last year, they attempted to maximize efficiency for these bows with the all-new CORE™ cam system.

This new cam system offers draw length specific mods to get the fastest speeds out of whatever draw length the shooter needs. Just like the INLINE™ cam system from last year, the CORE™ cams feature their cam balancing technology that brings the string and cables inline with each other, making them balanced throughout the draw cycle.

Elite Era

Top New Bows For 2023
Mass Weight:3.95 lbs
Brace Height:7.25″
Draw Length:25.5″ – 31″
Draw Weight:40, 50, 60, 65, 70lbs
Let-off:70 – 90%
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Elite Archery has stepped into the carbon bow game for 2023 with the all-new Era bow. In keeping with the Elite aluminum bows, the Era has dual-bridges on the top and bottom of the riser to help with stability, as well as their S.E.T. Technology that was introduced in 2020, to allow archers to micro-adjust the position of the cams and center shot.

New for this year, Elite has introduced the SP Cam along with the V2 Micro Mods. With these improvements, archers can create the exact draw length, holding weight, and backwall they desire, while also maintaining optimum efficiency of the cam system.

Take a look at our full review HERE.

PSE Unite

Top New Bows For 2023
Speed:332 – 343fps
Axle-to-Axle:32 1/4″
Mass Weight:4.8 lbs
Brace Height:6 1/4″ – 6 5/8″
Draw Length:25.5″ – 32 1/4″
Draw Weight:50, 60, 70, 80lbs
Let-off:80 – 90%

PSE released their newest addition to the Nock On Series of bows with the Unite. Designed in part by John Dudley, it was engineered for the best forgiveness and speed, with multiple cam options.

This bow is equipped with PSE’s EZ 220 spacer system for quick and easy tuning, as well as the FDS Full Draw Stability system to reduce torque and provide a more stable shooting experience.

Bowtech Carbon One

Top New Bows For 2023
Mass Weight:4.5 lbs
Brace Height:6.63″
Draw Length:25.5″ – 30.5″
Draw Weight:50, 60, 70lbs
Let-off:85 or 87%
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The Carbon One is Bowtech’s first flagship carbon bow, joining the likes of PSE and Hoyt. The Carbon One offers their same DeadLock Cam System®, which allows you to easily micro-adjust the cams for better tuning.

Also on the Carbon One, is Flip Disc Technology™, which essentially gives you 2 bows in 1. You can choose between the Performace or Comfort settings of the mods, depending on what kind of draw you’d like.

Bowtech attempted to create the smoothest draw, with the least amount of vibration on a carbon bow. The strategically designed riser, paired with the Orbit Dampeners and Dual Lock Pockets basically eliminate all vibration of the shot.

Take a look at our full review HERE.

Elite Omnia

Top New Bows For 2023
Mass Weight:4.5 lbs
Brace Height:6″
Draw Length:24.5″ – 30″
Draw Weight:40, 50, 60, 65, 70lbs
Let-off:70 – 90%
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The Omnia allows the shooter to customize the fit and feel like never before with the all-new SP cam system. This new cam features V2 Micro Let-Off Adjustment, giving shooters the ability to dial in and fine tune their holding weight down to a single percentile with the 70%-90% range.

Even better, the bow now allows for a custom fit in the draw length as well with 1/4″ draw length adjustment abilities. It’s a lot of options and variety built in to one cam and mod.

Take a look at our full review HERE.

Mathews IMAGE

Top New Bows For 2023
Mass Weight:4.27 lbs
Brace Height:6″
Draw Length:25.5″ – 30″
Draw Weight:40, 43, 47, & 50lbs
Let-off:80 or 85%
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The Mathews IMAGE™ offers almost all the same features as the Phase4, but for lower poundage archers. Equipped with the Bridge-Lock™ Technology, you can use the new Bridge-Lock stabilizers and sight system.

This bow has 4 different mods with peak draw weights of 40, 43, 47, and 50 pounds, and accommodates draw lengths of 25.5″ – 30″. Each set of mods were designed to be as efficient as possible with a smooth draw while still producing faster speeds.

Bear Execute 30 & 32

Top New Bows For 2023
Speed:340fps | 340fps
Axle-to-Axle:30″ | 32″
Mass Weight:4.6 lbs | 4.8 lbs
Brace Height:6.5″ | 6.5″
Draw Length:26″ – 30″ | 26.5″ – 30.5″
Draw Weight:45 – 60 & 55 – 70lbs
Let-off:75%, 80%, 85%, 90%
MSRP:$1,199 | $1,199
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This bow starts with a fresh redesign of some of Bear’s hottest features to make a good thing even better in the Execute 30 bow build for 2023. You’ll see it in the bow’s revised EKO (Equalized Kinetic Orientation) cam system. 

The cam system delivers the popular performance Bear shooters have come to know, while bringing a smoother and more forgiving draw cycle for 2023. 

The bow draws nice and smooth with a light bump on the back end of the draw cycle as the cams roll over to the back wall. It’s a pleasantly smooth drawing and shooting experience with very minimal hand-shock at the release. 

Take a look at our full review HERE.

PSE Mach 34

Top New Bows For 2023
Speed:330 – 340fps
Mass Weight:3.65 lbs
Brace Height:6.75 – 7.25″
Draw Length:26.5″ – 33″
Draw Weight:50, 60, 70, 80 lbs
Let-off:65 – 75% or 80 – 90%
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PSE’s focus for 2023 is greater stability in their bow lineup. You’ll see it in the all-new Mach 34, built on PSE’s Full Draw Stability Technology. It’s a system that delivers the most stable shooting system PSE has produced yet. This new design was built to reduce torque and deliver greater accuracy, shot after shot. 

The bow also debuts PSE’s new EZ.220 Snap Spacer System, allowing for quick bow tuning and cam lean adjustment. The concept expedites the tuning process to get you back on the range or in the woods faster than ever. 

Darton Veracity 35

Top New Bows For 2023
Mass Weight:4.8 lbs
Brace Height:6″
Draw Length:26″ – 31.5″
Draw Weight:40, 50, 60, 70, 80 lbs
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Veracity is the “state or quality of being true.” And that’s exactly why Darton chose the name for their latest bow offering for the 2023 year. The bow was built to be fast, super efficient, quiet, and truly accurate. The bow has plenty of options in draw length adjustments and holding weight to give you the exact feel you prefer. You’ll also find the bow loaded with Darton’s own Custom Made bowstrings.  

The company says with just one shot you’ll instantly realize the performance built into this bow. It’s built on the legacy of accuracy and dependability that Darton shooters have known for over 72 years. 

Bear Legend XR

Top New Bows For 2023
Mass Weight:4.3 lbs
Brace Height:6.25″
Draw Length:18″ – 31″
Draw Weight:14 – 70 lbs
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If you’re looking for a budget-friendly bow option this year, be sure to give the new Bear Legend XR a look. It’s priced well under $500, yet offers plenty of features and performance for most any bowhunter. You’ll find comfort and forgiveness come standard thanks to the bows hybrid-cam system, high let-off and 6 1/4″ brace height.  

With plenty of versatility and adjustability, the bow is perfectly suited for new archers, and the seasoned shooter alike. Crank it down to as little as 14 pounds of draw weight, all the way up to 70 pounds. This one truly covers a wide range of shooters.

Athens Elevate

Top New Bows For 2023
Mass Weight:4.2 lbs
Brace Height:6″
Draw Length:24.5″ – 30.5″
Draw Weight:40 – 70 lbs

Athens Archery recently introduced their flagship bow for 2023, the Elevate. Their RT-X cam system got an update with the new Rev 2 mods, which allow customizable adjustments in the draw length and holding weight of the bow.

With a larger draw stop, this bow has a firmer back wall, and a new Low Profile molded grip. Another big change for this year was the addition of a picatinny rail mounting system for a sight, as well as the QAD Integrate dovetail mounting system for the rest.

APA Archery Black Mamba 29

Top New Bows For 2023
Mass Weight:3.55 lbs
Brace Height:6 1/4″
Draw Length:24″ – 30″
Draw Weight:40 – 70 lbs

APA Archery recently announced the release of the Black Mamba 29, which is an ultra-compact and lightweight bow at just 29″ axle-to-axle and 3.55lbs. APA prides themselves with having the best features to be the ultimate back country bows.

The Black Mamba 29 comes equipped with broadhead blade sharpener just below the handle of the bow, as well as a broadhead tightener, a nock tightener, and a pin system to change out strings or cables while in the field. Optional for this bow is a built-in bow winch to make carrying up and down your treestand a breeze.

Martin MTX 29

Top New Bows For 2023
Axle-to-Axle:29 3/8″
Mass Weight:4.9 lbs
Brace Height:6 1/8″
Draw Length:25″ – 30″
Draw Weight:45 – 75 lbs
Let-off:Up to 90%

The new MTX 29 from Martin Archery features dual limb stops or dual mod stops depending on your preference, and also has 2 different rotating mod systems depending on draw length. It’s short at just 29 3/8″ axle-to-axle, is quiet and fast with little to no hand shock, and has a removable molded grip.

The MTX 29 is available in 10 different finishes, and utilizes the Martin mass weight system in the riser to help distribute the bow’s weight for best balance.

Gearhead P30 & P30 Shortdraw

Top New Bows For 2023
Speed:337fps | 337fps
Axle-to-Axle:30 6/8″ | 30 6/8″
Mass Weight:4.8 lbs | 4.7 lbs
Brace Height:5″ – 6 3/4″
Draw Length:23 1/4″ – 31 7/8″
Draw Weight:40 – 75 lbs
Let-off:Up to 90%

Gearhead Archery was one of three companies that announced a new bow during the 2023 ATA Show, with the Pivot Series. Within this series there are 2 models, the P30 and P30 Shortdraw. The P30 shortdraw was made for the best efficiency in archers with shorter draw lengths.

The Pivot series gets its name from the new pivoting limb support, which reduces stress to the limbs during the draw cycle. As with any Gearhead bow, it can easily convert from right to left handed, and there are 6 different grips you can choose from.

Obsession XBR

Top New Bows For 2023
Axle-to-Axle:30 1/2″
Mass Weight:4.6 lbs
Brace Height:6 3/8″
Draw Length:24.5″ – 29.5″
Draw Weight:50 – 70 lbs
Let-off:Up to 80%

The XBR is a 30.5 inch axle to axle bow with a beefed up riser and their new two track rotating mod. This bow comes in a variety of color options, and has a total weight of 4.6 pounds.

Draw lengths for the XBR range from 24.5 to 29.5 inches, with peak draw weights from 50 to 70 pounds. With an IBO speed of 340fps, you can find this bow for $1097.

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