2023 Bowtech Carbon One Bow Review

By Brodie SwisherNovember 8, 2022

The long-awaited release of Bowtech’s latest bow offering is finally here. The company has shared plenty of teasers over the last few weeks for something completely different coming in the brand for their 2023 bow lineup. The wait is finally over. Meet the all-new 2023 Bowtech Carbon One compound bow. 

Bowtech’s mantra for many years has been, “Refuse to follow.” It defines their mission to stay out front when it comes to bow technology and design. But with brands like Hoyt and PSE plowing new ground in carbon bow technology, the Bowtech team knew it was time to answer the demand for a carbon bow in the lineup for Bowtech shooters.

2023 Bowtech Carbon One Bow Review
Meet the all-new Carbon One.

The team set out to deliver a carbon design that truly looks different, yet features all the great features Bowtech shooters have grown to know and love. The end result was a bow that shoots as good as it looks, with deadly accuracy and vibration reduction like never before. Check it out in our review below. 

Specs on the Carbon One

Axle to Axle – 30″ 

IBO Speed – 335 FPS

Brace Height – 6.63″

Draw Length –  25.5″ – 30.5″

Draw Weight – 50, 60, 70 LBS

Mass Weight – 4.5 LBS

Finish Options – Black, OD Green, Smoke Grey, Flat Dark Earth

Price – $1799

2023 Bowtech Carbon One Bow Review
2023 Bowtech Carbon One Bow Review
The Bowtech Carbon One has arrived.

First Impressions

You’ll likely hear about how easy on the eyes this bow is, as well as how it’s built to be vibration free like nothing that’s come before it in the Bowtech lineup. But one of the most hunter-friendly aspects of this bow just might be how smooth it draws and shoots.

From front to back, this bow draws easy, holds solid, and is really well balanced. You’ll know you’re about to lay hands on something great the moment you crack open the box on this one. The Smoke Grey finish is what I found on the demo bow I received. It’s a great looking solid color finish option that’ll look great, both in the woods, or on the shooting line. 

2023 Bowtech Carbon One Bow Review
First impressions? The Carbon One looks great with a fresh design that's built to be a shooter-friendly bow.

DeadLock Cam System

In the past, Bowtech’s DeadLock system referred to a variety of features on the bow, from the cams, to the pockets and cable containment system. Moving forward, the DeadLock name will refer specifically to the cam system.

And if you don’t already know, the DeadLock cam system is sophisticated, yet simple. In fact, it’s one of the easiest bow tuning systems on the market. You simply unlock it, tune it, and lock it back down. It’s rock solid. No worries. No hassle. 

It only takes the turn of an Allen key to unlock it, then a turn of the tuning screw to slide the cam and string path along the axle to perfectly tune the bow, quick and simple.  

2023 Bowtech Carbon One Bow Review
The DeadLock cam system is full of features built for easier tuning and the ability to switch from Comfort to Performance setting with the Flip Disc.

Flip Disc Technology

The Flip Disc concept essentially gives you two bows in one with just the flip of the disc. You can choose between the Performance setting and the Comfort setting. As you might have guessed, the Performance setting delivers greater speed from the bow, but requires more from the shooter in the draw cycle.

Whereas the Comfort setting allows for a very smooth and steady draw that’s a pleasure to shoot. It’s my personal favorite setting between the two, and one I think hunters will find very shooter-friendly while in the confines of a treestand or ground blind. 

Dual Lock Pocket

The Bowtech pocket system will now be referred to as the Dual Lock Pocket, rather than the DeadLock Pocket we’ve seen in the past. It makes perfect sense considering the limbs lock into the pocket, and the pocket locks into the riser.

It’s a dual lock design that eliminates the need for shims. Lock it down, and it won’t move. It’s a great design for better consistency shot after shot. 

2023 Bowtech Carbon One Bow Review
The Dual Lock Pocket design allows you to hunt with confidence.

Orbit Dampener

The Orbit Dampener system makes this bow super quiet and eliminates vibration like nothing we’ve seen out of Bowtech yet. But for 2023, the dampeners have been integrated into the risers center line to deliver a more in-line concept with the string path. With everything in line, the shooter finds greater accuracy, stability, and less vibration at the shot. 

2023 Bowtech Carbon One Bow Review
The Orbit Dampener system gets an upgrade for 2023 with a center line design for greater performance.

Integrate Mounting System

The Integrate Mounting System has become a favorite among shooters in the industry in recent years. Bowtech introduced the system to their bows in 2022.

Now, for 2023, the Carbon One features the Integrate Mounting System as well. Any arrow rest built on the Integrate Mounting System design will fit the Carbon One. 

Clutch Performance Grip

The bow features a nice, slim and trim bow grip. It fits really nice in the sweet spot of my hand without slipping and sliding. If you like a slim grip, this one is sure to please.

There’s no side plates to rip off or build up. This one is ready to roll right out of the box. It’s plain, simple and delivers a great fit and feel. 

2023 Bowtech Carbon One Bow Review
The Carbon One feels great in the hand, draws super smooth, and is free of felt vibration at the shot.

Other features include the FLX Guard cable containment and multiple threaded locations on the bow, both top and bottom, for adding bars, stabilizers, or additional dampeners to give the exact balance and fit you prefer. The bow truly provides ample opportunities to quickly and easily make tuning and customization adjustments for the perfect fit for any shooter. 

On the range, the bow clocked in at 274 FPS with a 408 grain arrow shot through the chrono, setup at 28″ draw length and 70# draw weight. 

The Carbon One is a great move for Bowtech in their drive to stay ahead of the game in bow technology and performance. It’s a sweet shooter, no doubt. Be sure to check it out at your local Bowtech dealer, or online at www.bowtecharchery.com

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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