ScentLok BE:1 Divergent Review

By Brad KaufmannApril 19, 2021

Back in January, ScentLok announced the release of their new Divergent Series that consists of a jacket and pants. We got a first look back then, but now we’ve got the actual suit in our hands and are able to give you guys a better look at the new Divergent Suit…

BE:1 Overview

If you’re already familiar with ScentLok’s BE:1 series of gear, then you know that they’ve specifically designed this series for bowhunters. Hence the name, BE:1 (Bowhunter Elite One). Back in 2019, they released 3 separate suits that all had a different purpose.

The lighter, insulating suit is the Reactor Suit. The mid-weight or full-season suit is the Voyage. And the late-winter, extreme weather suit is called the Fortress Suit. But they felt the need for that in-between time from mid November through most of December. This new Divergent Suit is perfect for keeping you warm on those all-day rut sits when temps might reach the upper 30’s.

Features of the Divergent Jacket

New Scentlok Divergent Jacket & Pant

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Divergent Jacket, is the big kangaroo pouch on the front. It has 3 separate pockets that are perfect for storing gear away, and also for keeping your hands warm. In order to have this front pouch, the jacket isn’t a full-zip, but rather a half-zip.

If you’re thinking that a half-zip might be a little tougher when putting on and taking off, ScentLok already has you covered with their side zippers. These zippers make it easier when putting the jacket on, and they also are perfect for when you start to get a little toasty on your way to the stand. You can simply unzip the sides and let all the heat out.

New Scentlok Divergent Jacket & Pant
The side zippers allow you to slip the jacket on easier, as well as let body heat out if you get too warm.

Speaking of heat, this jacket utilizes thermal mapped PrimaLoft® Gold insulation. To keep certain areas of the jacket, warmer than others. So they’ve placed more insulation in the core of your body, as well as your back. And there’s a little less insulation in the arms, thus reducing bulk.

Another cool feature to this jacket, is the Smart Device Insulated Pocket. The front chest pocket on the left side has special PrimaLoft® Gold Aerogel insulation, to keep a phone, GPS, or any other electronic device warm, so as to not drain the battery.

New Scentlok Divergent Jacket & Pant
The thermal mapped PrimaLoft® Gold insulation keeps your core warm, and your arms free to move.

The Divergent Jacket comes with a removable zippered hood, so if you’re not the “hood-wearing type” you can easily take it off. But with the features that this hood has, you might not want to take it off. The hood can be adjusted to fit tighter around your head so that when you look side to side, you’re not looking into the hood. It actually moves when your head does.

Also, it comes with a built-in facemask.(The version below is gray, but the final version will come with a camo facemask) So on those cold, windy mornings when you accidentally forget to pack a facemask, you’ve already got one built in.

New Scentlok Divergent Jacket & Pant
The adjustable hood and built-in facemask are 2 great new features of the Divergent Jacket.

This jacket comes with a Precip-X coating, which repels water. It’s not necessarily “waterproof” but any light rain or snow will roll right off the jacket, preventing a build up of moisture. But it’s able to withstand any quick rain showers that come through during a hunt.

And the last thing we’re going to mention about this jacket, is the elastic sleeves that have a thumb hole built in. It’s great for the hunters that don’t like wearing gloves while hunting, and also helps keep any moisture from rolling down your sleeves and making you uncomfortable.

Features of the Divergent Pants

New Scentlok Divergent Jacket & Pant

There’s a lot of the same technology put into the Divergent pants, as the jacket. They have the thermal mapped PrimaLoft® Gold insulation to keep your core warmer. They have the Precip-X coating to repel water. There are 9 total pockets on these pants to store anything you may need.

The mid-thigh positioned pockets are great for the treestand bowhunter. Since most of your time is spent sitting, the side-access pockets are easiest to get in and out of without moving around too much. 

New Scentlok Divergent Jacket & Pant

In order to help get the pants on and off, as well as getting your boots on easily, there are half-length leg zippers. These also help when making that longer trip to the stand. Easily unzip the lower leg zippers to let your legs breathe a little better.

And the last thing we’ll look at with these pants, are the suspenders. It’s a sleek design that’s simple to use, and easy to take on and off. But if you’d rather use a belt, you can remove the suspenders and use the belt loops on the pants.

Divergent Series Suit Overview

The Divergent Series suit will be offered in 3 camo patterns; Mossy Oak™ Terra Gila, Realtree Excape™, and TrueTimber O2 Whitetail. The jacket will retail at $399 depending on size, and the pants will retail at $389 depending on size (2XL & 3XL sizes will be $10-$20 more).

This suit will be available later this summer, and is a great option if you’re looking for a brand-new, high-quality full season suit. And you’ll be able to find it at their website –

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