Ravin R500 Crossbow: First Crossbow to Shoot 500 FPS?

By Brodie SwisherJanuary 12, 20211 Comment

Whether you love crossbows or hate them, you can’t help but be drawn to what Ravin unleashes each year in the way of over-the-top advancements in the world of crossbow technology. We’ve seen it happen every year for nearly a decade. The company has continued to raise the bar year after year with the smallest, simplest, and most compact crossbows on the market. For 2021, they’ve done it again with what’s being touted as the fastest crossbow on the planet.

Meet the all-new Ravin R500 crossbow.

Do you have a need for speed? Check out the latest crossbow lineup from Ravin.

Fastest Bow Ever?

Ravin’s new R500 Series Crossbows deliver staggering speeds of 500 feet per second with a 400-grain arrow—making them the fastest and most powerful crossbows ever created. 

It’s a benchmark the crossbow industry has been going after for years now. Ravin has arrived. 

“The advancements we’ve made in technology are truly remarkable,” says Doug Guthrie, head of New Product Development for Ravin. 

“These breakthroughs allow our customers to shatter the 500 feet per second threshold in a crossbow that’s even smaller than ever before possible. With the introduction of the Electric Drive System—being able to cock and decock with the push of a button—hunters and shooters gain flexibility in the field, benefit from streamlined ease-of-use, and enjoy top of the line accuracy with every shot.”

Ravin R500 Series

All Ravin R500 Series Crossbows feature the new proprietary HexCoil Cam System, producing speeds of 500-feet-per-second with axle-to-axle widths of 3.6 inches cocked or 7.6 inches uncocked. 

The R500 Series includes four new options, including the upgradable R500, R500E (with Ravin Electric Drive System), R500 Sniper (with Ravin Adjustable Turret Scope, Scope Level, and .001 Premium Arrows) and the top-of-the-line R500E Sniper, with a complete set of features and accessories. 

Ravin R500


Completely silent, the R500 uses the new R500 Draw Handle and the new VersaDrive Cocking System, with its internal screw drive, to move the Trac Trigger Firing System (TTFS) back and forth. 

The internal clutch within the VersaDrive System eliminates over-cocking and allows cocking and uncocking to be stopped at any point during the process. The R500 can be upgraded to the R500E by purchase of the new Electric Drive Kit, sold separately. 

Price – $3,049.99

Ravin R500E

Looking for an even easier way to cock and decock the crossbow? Check out the Ravin R500E.

The R500E adds the new Ravin Electric Drive System to the R500, allowing users to cock or decock the crossbow with the push of a button. Users will have the option to seamlessly cock and decock the R500E manually with the included R500 Draw Handle. 

How is it powered? 

The Ravin Electric Drive consists of a 12-volt battery and motor unit that can be easily detached from the stock for storage or recharging via the included charging dock. 

Price – $3,349.99

Take a closer look at the R500E in the video below…

Ravin R500 Sniper

Designed for shooters who want pinpoint accuracy via a single crosshair scope, the R500 Sniper adds the new Ravin Adjustable Turret Scope. This setup allows shooters to adjust yardage on the fly, in the field with a quick turn of the elevation turret. 

The R500 Sniper includes the Ravin Scope Level ensuring perfectly balanced shots, as well as six .001 Premium Arrows. The R500 Sniper can be upgraded to the R500E Sniper with purchase of the Electric Drive Kit, sold separately. 

Price –  $3,449.99

Do you have a need for speed? Check out the latest crossbow lineup from Ravin.

R500E Sniper

For the crossbow hunter that wants to go all in, the top-of-the-line R500E Sniper comes with a complete set of features and accessories, including the new Ravin Electric Drive System, the new Ravin Adjustable Turret Scope, the Ravin Scope Level and six .001 Premium Arrows. 

Price – $3,749.99

Ravin R500E Sniper

Is 500 Feet Per Second Too Fast?

Although we’re impressed with a 500 fps bow of any kind, the question remains, is 500 fps too fast? 

Think about it. Target companies had to scramble to develop a target that would stop crossbows shooting 400 fps not many years ago. Still today, it takes a beefy target to stop the average, zippy crossbow. Many targets out there won’t even touch it. So is there even a target that will stop a 500 fps crossbow? 

And what about broadheads? The same applies for them when it comes to the ability to handle high-end speeds from crossbows. Some broadhead companies were finally adapting and building heads capable of handling a 400-450 fps crossbow, but what happens now? What heads will work? Are there any? 

And will arrows be any different? From targets, to broadheads and arrow shafts, it’s gonna take some pretty beefy products to handle a crossbow zipping arrows out at 500 fps. 

It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out as crossbow technology continues to reach new heights with each passing year. 

Comment below and let us know your thoughts on a crossbow that’ll shoot arrows at 500 fps. 

And be sure to check out all the latest from Ravin at www.ravincrossbows.com

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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