Rabid Fox Attacks Woman in Her Front Yard

By Brodie SwisherAugust 25, 20225 Comments

I’ve often had critics question my decision to hunt for predators like fox. “They are beautiful,” they say. “They are harmless – why would you kill them?” 

The truth is, foxes are stone cold killers. They will eat every turkey, chicken, small game animal, or pet they can get their paws on. And when you come across a rabid fox, things can get ugly quick. Such was the case for a New York woman when she was attacked by a fox while standing in her front yard, talking on her cell phone. 

Check it out  in the video below…

The crazy scene was caught on camera as the fox approaches the woman from behind while she talks on her cell phone in the front yard. She never saw it coming. Her first response to the fox came when it attacked her, biting at her leg near the knee. 

Rabid Fox Attacks Woman In Her Front Yard
The fox approaches the woman from behind as she talks on her phone.

Then, as you might imagine, all heck breaks loose. The woman goes to kicking as the fox repeatedly attacks her, biting at her legs. She holds her own pretty well considering the circumstances. And she even lays down some pretty impressive punts throughout the ordeal, sending the fox flying. 

Rabid Fox Attacks Woman In Her Front Yard
Fighting back on a rabid fox.

However, the fox just keeps coming back for more. At one point it even bites on to her hand and hangs on as she flails and spins trying to shake it loose. 

Rabid Fox Attacks Woman In Her Front Yard
The fox swings from the woman's arm as she tries to shake it loose.

She lays down one last kick-stomp combo before a man with a stick shows up and the fox makes its retreat. 

The fox was eventually killed after it attacked another person in the area. The fox was later taken to a laboratory where it was confirmed that it had rabies. The woman was treated accordingly and released with no major injuries. 

A big congrats to the lady on her fox fighting skills – and never dropping her cell phone throughout the entire ordeal. 

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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