Archery Events To Attend This Year

Top 3-D Archery Events To Attend This Summer

3-D archery is a great way to get outside and stay in-tune with your bow skills during the offseason. Whether it’s just a day-trip or you make a full weekend out of it, here are some of the best 3-D archery events to hit up this summer. HHA USA HHA USA was founded in 2019 in […]
Shed Hunting A Waste Of Time

Shed Hunting is a Waste of Time

Shed hunting has grown in popularity over the last few decades, but is it worth the effort? Here's why shed hunting is a waste of time.
Record Buck Finally Recognized In Pennsylvania

Controversy Around Record Buck In Pennsylvania

News first broke from GoErie.com of a giant Pennsylvania buck shot by Anthony Faus, that missed the archery record by half an inch. Once the image of this deer hit social media, rumors began swirling quickly! As with any giant deer, people are quick to jump to conclusions saying, “It was probably poached!” and “It’s a high-fence […]