New Saddle Hunting Gear for 2022

By Brad KaufmannJanuary 24, 2022

LAST UPDATED: March 1st, 2022

Saddle hunting is one of the fastest-growing categories in the hunting community and this year brought more saddles and associated equipment than ever before.

Take a look at what’s new for saddle hunting in 2022…


Tethrd - Phantom Elite Saddle & Carbon Vader Platform

New Tethrd Phantom Elite Saddle & Vader Carbon Platform

SADDLE – The Phantom Elite Saddle comes with a fresh look, decked in a First Lite camo skin on the outer side, with the same sturdy mesh on the inner portion of the saddle.

The saddle has new straps and loops to help you better organize your add-ons and it also includes a new buckle design built for simplicity, as well as a free-floating belt system that allows you to slide the belt buckle to where you want it for greater comfort.

PLATFORM– With a continued focus on shaving the weight, while maintaining maximum comfort, Tethrd unveiled their all-new Vader Carbon Platform. The platform is the same size of the Predator XL, with the weight of the smaller, original Predator platform.

It’s built with a step on top that allows for a solid seating of the platform in setup, as well as greater maneuverability around the tree. Pricing isn’t official for either of these products yet, but they will be available soon.

Cruzr - Cruzr XC Saddle & Mini Seeker Platform

New Saddle Hunting Gear For 2022

SADDLE – The CRÜZR XC saddle boasts a pleated mesh Xpansion Chamber, that when opened, adds a next-level degree of comfort and cupping. The XC is equipped with quick-release buckles, an Adjustable AmSteel Bridge, and two rows of molle loops.

The top row of molle loops is loose for ease of clipping in carabiners and other gear, and the bottom is a row of flat molle that works with all aftermarket molle accessories. It comes in 3 sizes that can fit anyone between a size 28 and 42 waist, and comes in grey or black.

PLATFORM – Their new Mini Seeker platform is a smaller version of their Seeker platform. They were able to trim it down to 3lbs and only 12″ at its widest point. For the mobile that’s truly weight conscious, this is one of the smallest platforms available.

The Cruzr XC has a price of $259.99, and the Mini Seeker, which will be available this summer, comes at a cost of $169.99.

Latitude - Method 2-XL & X-Wing Platform

New Saddle Hunting Gear For 2022

SADDLE – The Method 2-XL saddle is ultra-compact while navigating the timber, yet more supportive in the tree than traditional designs. Featuring all of the same great features as the regular size Method 2, the XL was designed first and foremost for comfort and with larger individuals in mind.

The Method saddle has the smallest profile on the market while hiking, at just 9 inches you will hardly even notice it’s there. However, the adjustability once in the tree makes for extreme comfort in any position. It weighs 30 ounces, has a weight rating of 300lbs, fits anyone with a waist size of 37 and up, and costs $289.99.

PLATFORM – The new platform from Latitude Outdoors is called the X-Wing, and it will be just less than 1 pound. The exact specs aren’t finalized yet, but it will be around 16″ in length and 12″ wide with those footpegs on either side. The price of this platform is yet to be determined, and it’ll be available this spring.

Out On A Limb - Ridge Reaper Platform

New Saddle Hunting Gear For 2022

The new Ridge Reaper Platform by Out On A Limb, is similar to their Ridge Runner model but with a few upgrades. They switched to a post-style design that allows the tree stand-off to fold up and make it more compact when carrying.

With their single adjustment knob, you can get more adjustability and lean out of this platform than either of their previous models. Exact size and price hasn’t been determined yet, but it will be available this summer.

Timber Ninja - Blackbelt Saddle

New Saddle Hunting Gear For 2022

The new Blackbelt is a 2-panel padded saddle that comes with a bridge, tether, and lineman’s belt. It also has an internal waist belt that’s able to move around anywhere on your waist to keep you comfortable.

As a complete kit the Timber Ninja Blackbelt, including one of their new zippered pockets, it retails for around $400 and will be available this spring.

XOP - Renegade Saddle Harness & Edge Platform​

New Saddle Hunting Gear For 2022

SADDLE – The Renegade Saddle Harness is a 350 lb rated saddle hunting harness that’s also a TMA recognized, Full Body Fall Arrest System for all elevated treestand hunting.

This lightweight design features comfortable shoulder straps, a cool mesh seat, and loads of adjustability. Also included are an adjustable Lineman’s Climbing Rope, Tree Tether, and Bridge. Included is a 6ft Lineman Rope which has a width of 9mm.

PLATFORM – The new XOP Edge Platform is a lightweight and portable saddle platform that’s equipped with their slot lock technology for climbing sticks, a tow rope anchor system, and a quick clip anchor mount to attach it to any pack or saddle for easy transport.

It’s 5.4lbs, is 13.75″ by 11″, and is made of 100% cast aluminum. The Edge Platform comes at a price of $149.99, and the Renegade Saddle Harness is $129.99

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