New Bow Sights for 2022

By Brad KaufmannJanuary 18, 2022

LAST UPDATED: March 2nd, 2022

The 2 most common themes we found among new sights this year were either beef up the technology, or slim it down to the basics to make a lighter sight.

So here’s a look at some of the top new bow sights that we saw at the 2022 ATA Show…


Axcel - Armortech Lite

New Bow Sights For 2022

The new Armortech Lite is a slimmed-down sight multi-pin sight that weights just 7.8 ounces. It is offered in 3, 4, or 5 pin models at either .010″ or .019″ sizes. It has a newly designed windage bracket to allow for more horizontal travel, and true first, second, and third axis adjustments.

Weight: 7.8oz

Pins: 3, 4, or 5

Price: $300 – $325

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HHA - Tetra Max Tournament

New Bow Sights For 2022

While HHA didn’t completely redesign the Tetra & Tetra Max for 2022, they did make some notable improvements. The new infinite adjustment plate decouples the 2nd axis and vertical adjustment of the scope, while also providing additional windage adjustments needed for the new Mathews Bridge-Lock technology. They are also offering a shorter 5” dovetail as well.

Pins: 1 or 4

Price: $349.99 – $519.99

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Black Eagle - BEA Sight

New Bow Sights For 2022

Black Eagle enters the sight market with a new 5-pin hunting sight. Available with .010 or 0.19 pins, this site features standard 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments, along with micro-adjustable windage and elevation. It also comes with a 3 position adjustable sight light.

Weight: 7.2oz

Pins: 5

Price: $177.99

Not Available Yet

Garmin - Xero A1i Pro

New Bow Sights For 2022

The Xero A1i Pro features a new micro-adjust system for precise adjustments to windage, elevation, and laser reticle alignment. To set up this sight, simply sight-in your 20-yard pin, enter your bow speed, draw length, and arrow diameter. The sight will automatically create a pin stack to your bow’s estimated max distance. If you get into a situation where the single pin isn’t getting a good read for distance, you can have your fixed pins pop up with the tap of a button.

Pins: 1 or 5

Price: $1,300

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Redline - RL-1 Carbon Sight

New Bow Sights For 2022

Redline is a new company on the scene for 2022  Their RL-1 carbon is a single-pin adjustable sight that features a full carbon bracket and aluminum housing. This allows the sight to be both light and rugged. The RL-1 features .019 pins, fully enclosed fiber optics, adjustable 2nd and 3rd axes, and a tool-free locking adjustment knob to keep the sight locked in place.

Pins: 1 or 3

Price: $199.99

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Spot Hogg - Hogg Father Upgrades

New Bow Sights For 2022

While there are no new sights from Spot Hogg for 2022, they announced a new windage adjustment feature for all of their moveable sights. This allows for more horizontal adjustability to help accommodate the new Mathews bows. Pair this with the triple stack system they introduced last year, and you’ve got one of the most adjustable slider sights on the market.

Pins: 1, 2, 3, 5, or 7

Price: $439.99 – $549.99

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Trophy Ridge - Digital React One Pin

New Bow Sights For 2022

The Digital React One Pin is an all-new single-pin adjustable sight. Utilizing Trophy Ridge’s patented React Technology, the React One pin which mathematically adjusts your yardage indicator to be spot on at any distance. The biggest benefit to this sight is for the bowhunter who has difficulty reading his sight tape, especially in low light conditions. Instead of trying to read the tape, the sight automatically gives a digital readout of where your pin is set.

Pins: 1

Price: $359.99

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Cobra Archery - Radius

New Bow Sights For 2022

Cobra Archery is jumping back into the sight market with their new Radius. This 5 pin sight utilizes their Patent Pending Radius Technology where one screw simultaneously adjusts all pins into proper gap for your setup. All you have to do is sight in your 20-yard pin, then sight in any other pin and the Radius Technology automatically sets the remaining pins. It has a smaller frame and fewer parts than the competition which gives it a simple, clean look and feel.

Weight: 7oz

Pins: 5

Price: $184.99

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B3 Archery - Exact Rize Hunter

New Bow Sights For 2022

The Exact Rize Hunter features B3’s new patent-pending vertical mount system, allowing for rapid vertical adjustments in the field. Streamlined steel pins provide a clear and accurate sight picture while additional features include a sight light, full-axis adjustments, a built-in broadhead tool, quiver mount and adjustable blue level. The Exact Rize Hunter is fully customizable to your preference.  Select between 1 and 5 pins at .010, .015, or .019 in size, and they can be red, blue, green, or yellow in any configuration you’d like.

Pins: 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5

Price: $314.99

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