New Backpacks for 2022

By Brad KaufmannFebruary 17, 2022

Some of the technology built into these new packs might have you thinking about branching out for a new gear hauler this fall. Check out some of the coolest backpacks on the market for 2022.

ScentLok - BE:1 Grinder Treestand Pack

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Like all of ScentLok’s garments, the new BE:1 Grinder pack uses their Carbon Alloy lining to combat both odor and bacteria. This pack has 17 specialized pockets that provide over 2,500 cubic inches of storage. It’s made of quiet tricot polyester material with breathable shoulder straps and back pads for comfort. The stowaway mesh cover allows for easy packing of additional gear on the outside of the pack.

Storage – 2,574 cu in

Price – $179.99

Insights - The Shift Backpack

New Backpacks For 2022

The Shift backpack was initially designed with an integrated compartment to carry a crossbow or rifle. However, with the shift in bowhunters trying to become more mobile, this pack works great for carrying climbing sticks and a stand or platform. It fits most crossbows and rifles, and works well with most 2 and 3-step climbing sticks. The TS3 front pocket system allows it to be used either as a standard pocket, a shelf, or a basket for any gear you might need quick access to.

Storage – 2,000 cu in

Price – $189.99

Eberlestock - X2 Pack

New Backpacks For 2022

The compact X2 pack is designed to carry sizeable hauls with ease thanks to the integrated aluminum frame. Oversized compression straps allow you to secure game or gear on the exterior of the pack, while molle webbing on the sides and bottom make it easy to carry a weapon, treestand, or climbing sticks. It’s a great pack for the mobile hunter with over 1,800 cubic inches of storage and a weight of less than 5 pounds. It’s available in 4 different camo patterns and 2 solid colors.

Storage – 1,830 cu in

Price – $289

Badlands - Connect Pack

New Backpacks For 2022

The new Connect backpack for 2022 features the Badlands SWAP System which allows you to customize your pack to how you want it. It’ll come with one grid to attach an accessory bag wherever you’d like. It’s made of a 3-layer ultra-quiet and durable material with a waterproof barrier. It offers 1,330 cubic inches of storage and has a generous main compartment storage area with full height zippered side pockets.

Storage – 1,330 cu in

Price – $269.99

BOG - Kinetic Backpack

New Backpacks For 2022

The Kinetic is a lightweight day pack that’s extremely durable with about 1900 cubic inches of storage. It comes with a rain cover that stows away in a small pocket on the top, and also has a hydration port for longer trips. The compression straps are hand for any extra gear or clothing you need to carry with you, and it also has a rifle carrier that can work as a bow carrier.

Storage – 1,900 cu in

Price – $149.99

Elevation - Suppression Silent Pack

New Backpacks For 2022

The Suppression Silent Pack was designed to maintain stealth and silence while out in the woods. It has 1,230 cubic inches of space and features a roll-top magnetic closure. The exterior zippers are silent and waterproof so your gear remains dry and easily accessible. It also has an integrated orange rain cover as well as an integrated bow pull up rope. This backpack is available now in either Olive and Mossy Oak, or Olive and Tan.

Storage – 1,230 cu in

Price – $172.99

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