Great Gifts for Moms That Hunt

By Brodie SwisherMay 7, 2023

Mother’s Day is almost here, and if you’re still shopping for the perfect gift for your mom, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. That is, if you have a mom that hunts! 

Whether you’re looking for something she can use in the woods, wear around town, or hanging out at home, here’s a look at some great gifts for moms that hunt. 

Great Gifts For Moms That Hunt
Still looking for a gift for your mom? We've got you covered with some great gift ideas for moms that hunt.

Women's Antler Shield Hoodie

Great Gifts For Moms That Hunt

The Bowhunt or Die Women’s Antler Shield Hoodie looks great and is super comfortable. No more having to steal your guy’s hoodie. This one was designed just for you. 

Walker's Hearing Protection

Great Gifts For Moms That Hunt

While you obviously don’t need hearing protection when you’re bowhunting, you do need the gear that allows you to keep tabs on things back home or at the office via your smartphone without spooking deer. The Walker’s Flexible Bluetooth Neckband Headset combines hearing protection with Bluetooth wireless connectivity to listen to your favorite tunes or make phone calls, all while in the comfort of your favorite treestand or deer blind.  The set has a built-in rechargeable battery delivering power for up to 15 hours on a full charge and 4 hours while Bluetooth streaming. 

Scentlok Cold Blooded 3in1 Parka

Great Gifts For Moms That Hunt

Keep mom warm and toasty on her cold weather hunts with Scentlok’s Women’s Cold Blooded 3-in-1 parka. The parka delivers a form-fitting design with Scentlok’s innovative Carbon Alloy technology to help you go undetected and stay warm throughout the hunt.   

Mathews Prima Bow

Great Gifts For Moms That Hunt

Whether she’s just getting started in archery, or looking for the ultimate upgrade, she can’t go wrong with the Mathews Prima compound bow. It weighs in at just 3.93 pounds with a 30 inch axle-to-axle length and a 5 1/2″ inch brace height. It’s a compact design providing women with the perfect fit and plenty of performance to boot.  

Stanley Portable Coffee Press

Great Gifts For Moms That Hunt

This slick little product from Stanley is the perfect way to boil, brew and cook your favorite hot beverage, or even soup, in a compact design. It’s a sleek and streamlined French press that pretty much does it all in a large 32 ounce container. The stainless steel coffee maker is nearly bullet proof, while heating up quick and easy over a stove or campfire.  

Mystery Ranch Women's Pop Up 30

Great Gifts For Moms That Hunt

The Pop Up line of packs is one of Mystery Ranch’s most versatile options for hunters these days. And now, the Pop Up 30 pack is available in a design just for the ladies. It’s a daypack design with a low-profile build that can quickly be transformed into a heavy-duty load hauler thanks to its telescoping frame. It’s got ample pockets and storage compartments to easily handle all your gear while keeping your goods within easy reach. 

HSS Lady Hybrid Harness

Great Gifts For Moms That Hunt

If she hunts from a treestand, your mom needs to have a safety harness every time she leaves the ground. Make sure she’s got a good one this season with the gift of the Hunter Safety System Lady Hybrid harness. It’s designed to promote additional airflow during those warm early season hunts and has features like bino/range finder straps and spacious pockets to keep your essentials within reach. 

Women's Furnace Hoody

Great Gifts For Moms That Hunt

One of the most comfortable hoodies you could possibly give your mom for her hunts, or just hanging out around camp, is the Furnace 350 Hoody from First Lite. It’s the perfect mid-to-late season option that can be a stand-alone piece on cool days, or a layering piece when things really cool off in the deer woods.  

BioLite AlpenGlow Portable Lantern & Charger

Great Gifts For Moms That Hunt

The AlpenGlow is a compact lantern that pulls double duty as a portable charger to keep your gear and gadgets charged up and ready. It’s the perfect gift that’ll be used over and over around hunting camp, in the truck, tent, or around the house. It’s built to deliver a super bright 500 lumens and runs for 5 hours on high, and 200 hours on low.  

YETI Carryall

Great Gifts For Moms That Hunt

This is a great gift for the on-the-go mom that needs a tough carry bag for her essentials on her way to the gym, beach, classroom, or as a daily carry bag. It’s built with deployable dividers for storage and can fit YETI’s larger water bottles and Ramblers.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the fine mothers out there from the Bowhunting.com crew! We hope you enjoy a relaxing day surrounded by family or friends. 

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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