Fourth Arrow Baton Camera Arm Review

By Brad KaufmannJuly 2, 2021

One of the most common questions that we get here at, is “What kind of camera gear do I need?” or, “What kind of camera arm should I get?”

With more and more hunters jumping onto the self-filming train, Fourth Arrow has come out with a great camera arm & base option for the casual self-filmer.

Whether you’re just getting started using a smaller camcorder, or want the ability to film your hunts on your phone, this arm is perfect for you.

Check out the all-new Baton Camera Arm…

Baton Camera Arm Features

The Baton camera arm is extremely lightweight, and very compact. At just 15.5″ in length, and less than 3lbs in weight, this is a great option for someone who doesn’t want to carry around bulky camera equipment.

The base is built into the camera arm itself, so you can easily pack this into your hunting backpack, or even your jacket pocket!

Fourth Arrow Baton Camera Arm Review

And even though it is small in stature, it packs a punch. The Baton has a total reach of 25″, and comes with a rated weight of 6lbs, which will easily hold any handycam or lightweight camera.

The package includes the Baton arm & base, as well as a Fourth Arrow ratchet strap. And it comes at the low price of just $99. You can also buy the mini video head and phone mount separately, to complete your self-filming setup.

How The Baton Works

The Baton has a small knob on the base that can be set to “lock” or “release”. When in the locked position, the elbow where the base and arm are attached will not allow the base to move.

In order to release the base, you simply loosen up that knob and move it into the “release” position, then tighten it back down. Once that’s done, you can press down on a separate release lever to open up the base.

Fourth Arrow Baton Camera Arm Review

The Fourth Arrow ratchet strap can be weaved through the designated spot, and then tightened down on the tree. Since there is no x-axis (left & right) leveling system, you need to make sure the base is level when clamping to the tree.

After you’ve got the base tightened down, you use that same release lever to level out the y-axis (up & down) of the Baton. Once that’s set, you can move the release knob back to the “lock” position, so that it won’t move if it’s accidentally bumped.

To attach a fluid head, the Baton has a 1/4-20 thread screw built into it. This is perfect for most smaller heads, and if needed, you could use a larger thread screw for a bigger fluid head.

Other Attachments For The Baton

Along with this new Baton arm, Fourth Arrow has come out with a couple products that can accommodate this head.

Their new Mini Video Head works perfect with this arm for any smaller cameras. It comes with the base plate that threads onto your camera, and is extra small and compact.

Fourth Arrow Baton Camera Arm Review

Over the past few years, hunters that are just starting to get into self-filming will often use their cellphone. To accommodate those people, Fourth Arrow’s other new product for this year, is a cellphone mount.

It’s super simple to use as there are only 2 knobs. One knob allows the mount to pivot while the other tightens down the grip on the phone.

Baton Camera Arm Conclusion

If you’re one of those hunters that is just starting to get into filming but don’t want to make any big purchases right away, this camera arm is for you.

Whether you’re gonna stick it out with your cellphone, or have a decent little handy cam to work with, the new Baton camera arm is the perfect choice to dip your toes in the self-filming world!

Get it now at their website –

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