Father’s Day Gift Guide for Bowhunters

By Brodie SwisherJune 8, 2022

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and to help the gift giving and receiving go a little smoother, we’ve assembled our annual Father’s Day Gift Guide for Bowhunters. 

Take a look below at all the great gear that’s sure to please any hunting father this season. 

SOG Knife

No Father’s Day gift guide is complete without a knife. And the extensive lineup of knives from SOG is hard to beat. The Aegis AT is an easy to carry folding knife, with a highly functional 3.1″ cryogenically heat-treated D2 steel blade. Its powerful XR locking mechanism also features solid built-in blade locking safety and spine-mounted safety system. The knife was built to take things to the next level in assisted opening knives for the hunter and outdoorsman.  

Price – $94.94

Father's Day Gift Guide For Bowhunters

Hawk Helium Pole Saw

Make the tree trimming chores quick and easy with the Hawk Helium Pole Saw. The saw comes in 10 and 14 foot versions that close down nice and compact for an easy carry to the woods. The saws weigh in at 2.5 and 3.5 pounds, respectively. The saw features an 11″ high carbon steel blade with a black titanium nitride finish for corrosion resistance. 

Price $119.99

Father's Day Gift Guide For Bowhunters
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Knife Sharpener

As mentioned above, knives are a popular gift for Father’s Day, but once that fresh edge wears off Dad’s going to need something to sharpen that new blade with. Enter the WorkSharp MK.2 Knife & Tool Sharpener. Whether you’re honing the blade on your caping and butchering knifes, or putting a new edge on your trusty wood axe, this tool can do it all. 

Price $100

Father's Day Gift Guide For Bowhunters

Scentlok Heated Vest

Heated clothing has taken the bowhunting world by storm in the last 5 years, and if you’re not using some sort of electronically-heated garment, you’re really missing out. One of our favorite pieces of heated hunting apparel is the ScentLok BE:1 Reactor Heated Vest. 150 grams of insulation keeps you warm in mild temps, but when the mercury really starts to drop, the 3 built-in heating elements will keep your core warm and keep you on stand longer.

Price $199.99

Father's Day Gift Guide For Bowhunters

Skull Hooker

European skull mounts have been gaining favor with bowhunters in recent years, in large part thanks to the variety of high-quality mounting options now available for them. The days of spending money on a large, custom wood plaque or simply hanging it by a screw inside the barn are long gone, thanks to the Skull Hooker. Available in a variety of sizes for different skulls, the venerable Little Hooker is perfect for deer-sized game and provides a quick, safe and adjustable way to showcase your euro mounts.

Price $34.99

Father's Day Gift Guide For Bowhunters

Groove Belt

We included the Groove Belt in our Christmas Gift Guide, and we like it so much it’s making the Father’s Day guide as well. This belt features just the right amount of stretch to make it comfortable while remaining rigid enough to support a holster or any accessory you may attach to it. And the magnetic buckle is oddly addictive to the point dad might annoy everyone in the house as he clicks it open and closed. We can’t be the only people that do this, right?

 Price $60

Father's Day Gift Guide For Bowhunters
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Alaska Guide Creations Bino Harness

A high-quality bino harness that secures and protects your optics, while having additional storage space for other gear, is a must-have for the modern bowhunter. The Kodiak Cub from Alaska Guide Creations fits most binoculars up to 10×42, includes 2 zippered pockets for additional storage, and a super handy cell phone pouch on top. 

Price $110

Father's Day Gift Guide For Bowhunters

Garmin Fenix 7

A watch is another classic Father’s Day gift. If you want to give the best of the best, give him a watch built for hunting and adventure like the Garmin Fenix 7

It’s a rugged, multisport GPS watch featuring a 1.3” display, long battery life, and training/health modes to keep you in the game.  

Price $699.99

Father's Day Gift Guide For Bowhunters

Plano Archery Accessory Box

Bowhunters tend to collect a lot of gear and archery equipment. From broadheads and string wax, to arrow spinners and grunt tubes, we just have a lot of “stuff.” The Plano Archery Accessory Box helps keep that stuff organized and ready when you need it. This is a gift that won’t break the bank, and you can’t go wrong with it.

Price $24.99

Father's Day Gift Guide For Bowhunters

Stealth Cam Trail Camera

If there’s one thing that deer hunters can never have enough of, it’s trail cameras! And fortunately there’s plenty to choose from, whether you’re on a budget, or want to get Pops the best of the best!

One great combo option is the Prevue 26 Combo from Stealth Cam. It’s a solid camera that comes equipped with a 16gb SD card and batteries. 

Price $119.99

Father's Day Gift Guide For Bowhunters
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Wax & Lube

Something that’s often overlooked when buying bow accessories is string wax and arrow lube. With a little arrow lube every few shots, you can save the strain on your hands, and your arrows.

And what should you do after spending a few hours at the range? Keep those threads from fraying so much with a little arrow wax (DO NOT use this stuff on your servings). 

Price $6.99

Father's Day Gift Guide For Bowhunters
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Lancaster Archery Gift Card

If you’re not sure what type of arrows or broadheads dad shoots, or what sort of archery supplies he’s going to need for this fall, you can’t go wrong with a gift card for LancasterArchery.com. Loaded with over 30,000 archery and bowhunting products, it’s a sure bet that dad will find something here that meets his bowhunting needs. 

Price $10 to $500

Father's Day Gift Guide For Bowhunters
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Boot & Glove Dryer

Nothing feels better than kicking your boots off and pulling those work gloves off after a hard day of work in the field. And nothing smells worse than said boots and gloves after a few hours outside. 

Pick up the Boot, Helmet, & Glove dryer by Moose Utility Division, and you’ll start the hunt warm and dry this season. 

Price $149.95

Father's Day Gift Guide For Bowhunters

Scentlok Power Bank

Whether around hunting camp, or in the treestand, you can keep your gear and gadgets charged with the Scentlok Power Bank.  

It pulls double duty with two charging ports that allow you to supply power to your heated ScentLok garments as well as your phone, camera, or other smart devices. You can quickly recharge the bank with the included Micro USB cable or a USB Type C cable.

Price $34.99

Father's Day Gift Guide For Bowhunters

Vortex Socks

Don’t give Dad another boring pair of socks this year – give him a pair of the great hunting socks from Vortex. 

These socks are built for comfort and protection with No Fly Zone protection – a permethrin-based technology infused right into the yarn to repel ticks.  

The mid-calf length offers a great fit that tucks perfectly into your boots for all-day hunting comfort.

Price $24.99

Father's Day Gift Guide For Bowhunters

Woodwind Grill

Help your dad take his grill game to the next level with the new Woodwind Grill from Camp Chef. It’s designed with a WIFI controller that allows you to change the temperature, set timers, and receive notifications when your meat reaches the right temperature – all from the palm of your hand. 

Price $899

Father's Day Gift Guide For Bowhunters


You’ll certainly want to make sure to stock up on BHOD gear for Father’s Day with all the latest swag in the shop. You can mix and match these bundles to get exactly what Dad will like best. 

From the original Antler Shield gear, to the newest shirts and hats, you can find whatever suits your dad.

Use code “dadrocks22” to get 15% off apparel items.

Price $45 – $65

Antler Shield T Shirt Bundle

Happy Father’s Day from the Bowhunting.com crew! 

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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