Dead Level Hunter Verge Stabilizer Kit Review

By Brad KaufmannJune 3, 2021

We’ve been running Dead Center stabilizers on our bows for a couple years now, and just got our hands on the new Dead Level Hunter Verge kit. Check it out in the video below…

When you get the Dead Level Hunter Verge kit, it comes with 2 stabilizers, six 1-ounce custom balance weights, and their Diamond Series V-bar mount. For the stabilizers, you can choose either the 9″ & 7″ bars, or the 12″ and 9″ ones.

After you pick your stabilizer sizes, they’ve got a variety of color options so you can match it to your bow. Here are all the colors they have – Black, Realtree Edge, Mossy Oak Break Up Country, Kuiu Verde 2.0, as well as their new Green, Grey, and Tan.

Dead Level Hunter Verge Stabilizer Kit Review
The 1-ounce custom weights can be added or removed with ease.

The 1-ounce custom weights can be added or removed so you can easily adjust how much weight is on your setup, and if you need more, you can always order extra ones from Dead Center. The number one thing to NOT do when getting a new stabilizer, is to just put it on and leave it that way.

With this setup, there are so many different ways to adjust and align it, you should experiment with different positions and weights to see what works for you the best.

The Diamond Series V-bar comes with quick disconnects for the stabilizers, so you can quickly take it on and off, or swap it around. And the back bar is completely adjustable on the x and y axes, so you can figure out what position feels the most comfortable.

The stabilizers are made of lightweight carbon tubing, for the ideal combo of silencing and stability without the added weight or vibration. And the innovative end protectors provide a sleek profile with vibration dampening, while also protecting the end of the stabilizer.

Dead Level Hunter Verge Stabilizer Kit Review
Diamond Series V-bar Mount by Dead Center Archery

Dead Center Archery has been around the industry for a while now, just look at any major competitions and you’re sure to notice a few of their 20 to 30+ inch stabilizers being used.

As us hunters continue to learn how important it is to have a solid, well-balanced, well-stabilized bow while bowhunting, we’re seeing more high-quality options like the Dead Level Hunter Verge kit.

It’s 100% machined and made in the USA, and is backed by a great company with a great warranty. The 9″/7″ option has an MSRP of $244.99 and the 12″/9″ is $254.99. Check it out for yourself at their website – www.deadcenterarchery.com

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