Best Treestands for the Mobile Bowhunter

By Brodie SwisherJuly 25, 2022

It’s been said that insanity can be defined as doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results. And the definition adequately describes a large number of the hunters in the whitetail woods every year. Our efforts are nothing short of insanity. 

Many hunters sit the same stand over and over again waiting on big results, only to come up  empty handed, hunt after hunt. They fail to see the error of their ways. 

However, mobile hunters give fresh deer sign a sit, maybe two. If nothing happens in their first couple sits, they’re moving on. It’s the beauty of the mobile hunting approach. Find the freshest sign, find the deer, make your move, punch your tag. And make no mistake, there are some treestands that make this style of hunting much more efficient than others. If you’re on the hunt for the best of the best in treestands for mobile hunting, we’ve got you covered. 

Here’s a look at the best treestands for the mobile bowhunter this season. They are the ultimate options when it comes to mobility, packability, and comfort. 

Best Treestands For The Mobile Bowhunter
Mobility is the key to staying in the action. The list of treestands below highlight the best of the best in stands to keep you mobile this deer season.

Hawk Helium Hang-On

Weight – 12 lbs

Maximum Capacity – 300 lbs

Platform Size – 24″ x 30″ 

Material – Aluminum 

Silent-Use Attachment Hooks

Tree Digger Teeth

Flip Back Footrest 

Price – $259.99

Best Treestands For The Mobile Bowhunter

Hawk’s Helium Hang-On offers a nice blend of compact design and comfort. It’s not the lightest stand in the lineup, but it makes up for it in comfort. The large platform gives ample room for maneuvering for the shot, while the footrest and memory foam seat add some comforts to your body for long sits in the tree. It’s an all-welded platform design built for greater stealth, and the Tree Digger Teeth ensure a rock solid grip against the tree. 

Summit Dual Axis Hang-On

Weight – 16 lbs

Maximum Capacity – 300 lbs

Platform – 24″ x 34″

Seat – 18″ x 13″ 

Seat Height  – 21″ (Sitting) 34″ (Standing)

Material – Aluminum 

Tree Diameter – 8″ – 20″ 

Price – $279.99

Best Treestands For The Mobile Bowhunter

The new Summit Dual Axis Hang-On is a slick new option that delivers a whole new angle on comfort for the deer hunter spending long hours in the stand. A lot of hunters prefer to stand as they wait on their deer in the treestand. It allows them to stay ready, maneuver quicker, move less at the shot, and keep the blood flowing to their legs on cold weather hunts. This standing/leaning style of hunting is much more common than what you might think, and that’s exactly why the team at Summit built the all-new Dual Axis Hang-On treestand. 

It’s constructed from lightweight aluminum and features a breathable textilene seat that can silently lock into two different positions. Leave it in the seated position for all-day comfort, if you prefer to take your shot while sitting down. However, for the hunter that wants to stand and lean, the unique seat folds up to provide the hunter a comfortable pommel to lean against or “sit while standing” to keep movement minimal. The stand is one of the heavier hang-on stands on our list, but it certainly makes up for it in the comfort and versatility it provides. 

Lancaster Logo 100x58
Best Treestands For The Mobile Bowhunter
The Summit Dual Axis stand offers comfort, regardless of whether you're sitting, or standing.


Weight  – 5.7 lbs 

Maximum Capacity – 300 lbs

Platform – 23″ x 16.5″ 

Seat Height – 18″ 

Seat – 9.5″ x 10″ 

Material – 6061 American Made Metal

Hammered Titanium Finish 

In-Platform Bow Holder 

In-Seat Accessory Hooks

Price $499.99


Best Treestands For The Mobile Bowhunter

The company says this stand is nicknamed, “The Public Land Stand.” It’s being pushed as the lightest and most compact mobile hunting system on the market. And at just 5.7 pounds, it’s certainly the treestand to beat when it comes to the ultimate lightweight option.

It’s built with 6061 American Made Metal and finished in the all-new Hammered Titanium hard coat. The .5 features stand grip points for super easy hanging and a Frame Lock system for optional gear and game hauling. Best yet, it’s made right here in the USA.

Beast Gear Hang On Stand

Weight – 6.8 lbs

Maximum Capacity – 275 lbs

Platform – 29″ x 16″ 

Seat Height – 21″ 

Seat – 9″ x 11.5″ 

Material – 6061 Aluminum

Climbing Stick Attachment System

Made in the USA

Price – $584.99

Best Treestands For The Mobile Bowhunter

Beast Gear comes in with a slightly heavier option than the previously mentioned stand, weighing in at a mere 6.8 pounds. It was engineered to provide a lightweight and compact mobile hunting platform option, while maintaining maximum durability and strength. 

The Beast Gear Antler Bracket design delivers a rock solid contact with many tree types, including angled trees, for greater stability and safety.  

Novix Helo Hang-On

Weight – 9.2 lbs

Maximum Capacity – 300 lbs 

Platform – 26.5″ x 16″

Seat – Water Resistant Seat Cushion

Material – All aluminum construction

Lifetime Warranty 

Made in the USA 

Price – $339.99 

Best Treestands For The Mobile Bowhunter

Novix is one of the newer brands in the treestand business, but they’ve quickly answered the demand for a lightweight option for the mobile hunter. The Helo Hang On Treestand is the lightest model in their lineup. It has a small-profile platform to allow you to setup in the smallest of trees, all the way down to 4 inches in diameter.   

It’s built to be super quiet with its all-cast aluminum platform that puts an end to any squeaks, creaks, and popping sounds when the weather changes. It’s built to deliver a solid hold on the tree and even has a leveling feature to provide a more comfortable sit.

Millennium M7 Microlite

Weight 8.5 lbs

Maximum Capacity – 300 lbs

Platform – 20.5″ x 26″ 

Seat Height – 20″ 

Seat – ComfortMax Sling Seat

Material – Aluminum

Finish  – Durable Powder Coat 

Price – $249.99

Best Treestands For The Mobile Bowhunter

The M7 Microlite is another great ultra-light hang-on stand option for the hunter walking deeper into the timber. It packs nice and easy with a compact design, yet still delivers a weight capacity of 300 pounds. 

Millennium’s CamLOCK Receiver system allows you to pre-set a number of stand locations at your favorite spots. Then, you simply, and quickly, hang the M7 at whatever stand site is ideal for the day. It really makes for fast and easy stand placement. 

Lancaster Logo 100x58

Elevate Element Hang-On

Weight – 10.4 lbs

Maximum Capacity – 300 lbs

Platform Size – 29″ x 18.75″

Seat Height – 19.5″ 

Seat – 12″ x 9.25″

Material – 6061-T6 aluminum construction

Made in the USA

Price – $459.99

Best Treestands For The Mobile Bowhunter

It’s built to be light, compact, and tough as nails. The Element Hang-On is a no frills option that’s easy to hang and provides a super solid foundation in the tree. The company chose a paint that allows the stand to blend into the hunter’s surroundings, and it’s built with a platform that’s roomy enough for all day sits, but also compact enough for run and gun hunting. 

XOP Vanish Evolution

Weight – 10.5 lbs

Maximum Capacity – 350 lbs

Platform Dimension – 28″ x 19″

Seat Height – 21″

Seat Dimensions – 14″ x 12″

Seat Design – Dual action seat cushion

Finish- Powder Coated Grip – EVO-TRAC

Material – Cast Aluminum 

Price – $219.99


Best Treestands For The Mobile Bowhunter

XOP says they built this stand specifically for the run-n-gun hunter, with a lightweight design that’s compact and easy to hang in the tree. It’s built with a fully leveling seat and platform, a tight V taper for hunting heavy cover, and built to integrate with XOP’s climbing sticks for quick and easy transport.

One of the best features of this stand just might be its price. With many of the best hang-on stands today ringing up for $400-$500, it’s nice to see a quality stand with a price tag around $200. 

Out on a Limb Hush Hang-On

Weight – 8.2 lbs

Platform – 17″ x 24″ 

Seat – 6″ x 11″ 

Seat Height – 21″ 

Holds 17″ SHIKAR Climbing Sticks on Platform

Platform Mounted Bow Holder

Padded Backstrap Pack System

Price – $339.99

Best Treestands For The Mobile Bowhunter

This stand was designed to give you all the lightweight features for mobility, yet in a larger platform design for maneuverability while in the tree. A weight saving design and comfort are the foundations for this new design from Out on a Limb.

Weighing in at just 8.2 pounds, the Hush stand offers plenty of packability and has the added benefit of being able to pack the company’s 17″ SHIKAR sticks attached to the  platform. 

Summit Openshot SD Climber

Weight – 15 lbs

Maximum Capacity – 300 lbs 

Platform – 20″ x 32″

Seat Frame – 19″ x 20″

Seat – 16″ x 12″ x 3″  

Material – Aluminum

Tree Diameter – 8″ – 20″ 

Price – $319.99

Best Treestands For The Mobile Bowhunter

Where the timber allows it, a climbing treestand can be hard to beat when it comes to a fast and easy option for getting into position quick. Tall, limbless trees are where the climbing stand shines, allowing you to hunt at most any height, withouth the limitation of ladder sticks.

The Summit Openshot climber is one of the lightest climbers you’ll find anywhere, yet provides a rock solid base to keep you safe and comfortable. The open-front design allows maximum versatility as you maneuver for the shot. 

Lancaster Logo 100x58

Summit Mini Viper SD Climber

Weight – 18 lbs

Maximum Capacity – 300 lbs

Platform – 20″ x 32″

Seat Frame – 22.5″ x 33.5″ 

Seat Size – 12″ x 18″ x 2.5″ (Bottom), 12″ x 20″ x 2″ (Back)

Material – Aluminum

Tree Diameter – 8″ – 20″ 

Price – $339.99

Best Treestands For The Mobile Bowhunter

If you don’t mind adding a few extra pounds to your load, yet gaining plenty of extra comfort, give the Summit Mini Viper SD climber a look this season. The added rail wraps around the hunter providing added comfort and peace of mind.

It pulls double duty as a nice shooting rest for the crossbow or gun hunter. It’s the perfect stand for all-day comfort when hunting during the rut. Best yet, it weighs in at just 18 pounds. 

Don’t get caught hunting the same stand over and over this season if the action is happening elsewhere. Get down, and make your move!

The treestands above will allow you to do just that, easier than ever before. They are the best options for the mobile bowhunter this season. 

Check out the video below for a closer look at some of the top treestands and climbing sticks for 2022. 

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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