Best New Platforms for Saddle Hunting

By Brodie SwisherApril 19, 2021

LAST UPDATED: July 21st, 2021

The saddle hunting craze continues to boom among whitetail hunters these days, and the demand for better equipment follows with it. You’ll see it with the evolution of the platforms on which saddle hunters stand.

A number of new platforms have hit the market over the last year with a variety of new features and functions to make you more comfortable – and deadly – while in the tree. Here’s a look at some of the best new platforms for saddle hunting. 

Best New Platforms For Saddle Hunting
Are you adding new gear to the arsenal this season? Be sure to familiarize yourself with any new gear and techniques before heading to the woods on opening day.

CRUZR Seeker Platform

Best Saddle Platforms 2021

  Weight – 4.5 pounds

  Width – 14.5″

  Depth – 11.25″  

  Angle Edge – 2.75″ 

  Weight Rated – 300 pounds

  Price – $189.99

The all-new Seeker platform from CRUZR was designed to answer the demand for a more comfortable option in saddle platforms. The concept delivers comfort for any hunting style, whether you’re standing, leaning, or sitting. 

The ergonomic ankle-friendly design features an angled front edge, built specifically for the “leaner” who prefers to hang back in the saddle. The angled front edge of the Seeker platform delivers extra comfort and prevents the hotspots that can come with the leaning position. 


Trophyline E.D.P. Platform

Best Saddle Platforms 2021

Smaller, stronger, more stable, and less flex than the popular Mission platform previously released.

Weight – 3.13 pounds 

Width – 13.5″

Depth – 13″ 

Weight Rated – 300 pounds

Price – $169.99


Trophyline builds off their popular Mission platform line with a follow up platform that is said to be smaller, lighter, and even more stable than what they delivered in the Mission. They claim it’s the most durabable platform ever built. 

The E.D.P. name stands for the Every Day Platform. It’s an American-made platform with a leveling system, offset bracket, and was designed to fit trees from 4″ – 22″ in diameter. It’s built with non-slip, ridged grips and boot grabs for better traction along the outer edge. 


Tethrd Predator XL

Best Saddle Platforms 2021

Bigger, stronger, and more maneuverability than ever before. 

Weight – 4 lbs

Width – 15.25″ 

Depth – 13″ 

Weight Rated – 300 lbs

Price – $189.99

The Predator XL still allows you to shoot 360 degrees around any tree, with maximum comfort and ease while giving you a 40% size increase from the standard sized Predator.

The beefed up design is still super light, yet offers the added comfort for longer hours in the tree and greater maneuverability for the shot.


Hawk HSP Platform

Best Saddle Platforms 2021

  Weight – 1.4 lbs

  Width –  10”

  Depth – 6”

  Weight Rated – 300 lbs

  Price – $49.99

When you want to go super light, check out the HSP Platform from Hawk Hunting. The platform mounts to the top of their Helium Stick for an all-in-one run-n-gun saddle hunting platform option. 

It’s a solid platform option that mounts to the stick quick and easy with two quick-set snap pins. 


XOP Edge Platform

Best Saddle Platforms 2021

 Weight – 4.5 pounds

 Width – 13.75″

 Depth – 11″ 

 Weight Rated – 350 pounds

 Price – $139.99

As you’ll find with all the products with the D’aquisto name on it, there’s been a lot of forethought go in to the design of the Edge platform from XOP.

It’s a lightweight and portable option equipped with some pretty slick features like Slot Lock technology for climbing sticks, a tow rope anchor system, ultra grip traction, 6-point offset bracket for leveling on crooked trees, and in-platform quick clip anchor mounts to attach your new rig to any pack or saddle for transport.


Out On a Limb Monarch

Best Saddle Platforms 2021

  A universal platform designed to fit a number of  different climbing sticks. 

  Weight – 1.4 pounds

  Width – 10″ 

  Weight Rated – 300 lbs 

  Price – $99

The Monarch was designed to be a top-of-the-stick option to keep you light and mobile. It works with a number of climbing sticks on the market, including: Novix, API, Beast, EWO, Lone Wolf, Muddy, and XOP. It fits virtually any 1″ square climbing stick. 

The Monarch is a slick solution to help you minimize setup time and limit the noise made while getting strapped to the tree. 


Out On a Limb Ridge Runner

Best Saddle Platforms 2021

 Designed to be quicker, quieter, and   safer for the saddle hunter. 

 Weight – 3.5 pounds

 Width – 16″ 

 Depth – 8″ 

 Weight Rated – 300 lbs

 Price $159.99

The Ridge Runner is all aluminum and coated in a very durable anti-skid finish. This platform uses a cam over system with a pull strap. 

The Ridge Runner is notched along the circumference of the platform to increase traction. The platform is also built with a single-knob leveling system for an easier adjustment.


What about you? What platform will you be hunting from this season? 

Comment below and let us know what you like or plan to buy. 

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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