Best Bino Harnesses for Bowhunters

By Brodie SwisherFebruary 3, 20211 Comment

Bino harnesses have become quite popular in recent years due to their ability to keep your optics protected and at the ready when you need them. They also make wearing binoculars around your neck a much more comfortable experience, distributing the weight and keeping your optics from slapping and bouncing across your chest.

There’s been quite a variety of harnesses to hit the store shelves lately, coming in all shapes, sizes and configurations, so we figured it’s time to take a look at some of the best bino harnesses we’ve come across so far. 

What bino harness will you bowhunt with this hunting season?

Below you’ll find some of the newest harnesses to hit the market, as well as some classic favorites. 

Stone Glacier Skyline Bino System

Check out the all-new Stone Glacier Skyline Bino Harness

Stone Glacier is building their reputation on creating products that are ultralightweight and durable, and that’s just what you’ll find with this new harness. You’ll also find Stone Glacier’s OptikFit technology, creating an exact fit to any compatible binocular. 

The harness is designed to be paired with the company’s Skyline Range Finder Pocket and Skyline Bear Spray Holster for the ultimate backcountry harness setup to keep you safe and ready when it’s time to put your optics to use.

Take a closer look in the video below…

The Skyline harness takes a different approach with its design, including a full enclosure forward-open hood. The company says it’s an easier concept that stays open when you want it open and does not require magnets or fasteners that make noise and impede performance. It’s also a low-profile harness that’s designed to fit comfortably under a backpack. No more choosing one or the another when it comes to a bino harness or backpack. Now you can have the comfort with both. 

Price – $119 / Rangefinder Pocket – $35 /

Sitka Mountain Optics Harness

Another bino harness that gives you room for gear beyond just your binos is the all-new Mountain Optics Harness from Sitka Gear. 

The harness is designed to be a utility piece for big game hunters. Sitka’s desire was to take a different approach and offer something that allows you to carry a number of your essentials with you to the field, without having to carry an  additional pack, if so desired. The harness features a silent and secure magnetic one-handed front flap for binos, as well as removable modular side pockets to keep rangefinder, GPS, cell phone and other accessories at the ready for quick and quiet access.

Sitka Mountain Optics Harness

You’ll find additional elastic pockets designed to deliver storage for your calls, wind puffer and other small gear items. 

The Mountain Optics Harness is built quiet with a brushed polyester face fabric for a stealthier approach on game.

Price – $149  /

Alaska Guide Creations

Alaska Guide Creations was at the forefront of bino harness design, offering some of the toughest bino packs ever made. As the name implies, they are built tough to meet the demands of an Alaskan guide in some of the harshest hunting grounds on earth. 

You’ll find ample pockets for gear, gadgets, and a rangefinder, all within  easy reach and access. 

Alaska Guide Gear

The pack can handle binos up to the 42mm lens range (8×42, 10×42) and  has ample pockets to hold additional gear like gloves, headlamp, rangefinder, knife, or other small essentials. 

Price – $104.99  /

Mystery Ranch Quick Draw Bino Harness

Mystery Ranch has built a reputation over the years for making quality backpacks that ride like a Cadillac. Comfort is built in to their gear. The same is true for their Quick Draw Bino Harness. Quick access and operation is the foundation for this harness. It’s built to perform at the moment of truth. No fooling around with gadgets and gimmicks when the shot is on the line. Just a simple design that allows you to access or stash your binos in an instant.

Mystery Ranch Bino Harness

The harness is available in two sizes, featuring a comfortable, close-fitting design that works in harmony with your pack. The 3-dimensional top flap, with a magnetic buckle closure, protects your optics from the elements and closes securely when you’re belly crawling to close the distance. Even better, this harness is priced well below many of the other harnesses on the market. 

Price – $75  /

Alps Outdoorz Bino Harness X

Alps has grown over the years with a reputation for building quality backpacks and gear at a great price. And that’s exactly what you’ll find in their Bino Harness X. It’s built simple, yet functional and can adequately protect your gear. Best yet, it wears a price tag that’s hard to beat. 

Alps Outdoorz Bino Harness X

The  harness was designed to keep the pocket close to your chest and reduce the amount of movement you’ll feel in your optics. It’s constructed using 1680D ballistic nylon fabric, so it’s super tough and can easily handle the abuse that comes its way in the field. 

It’s a one-hand opening design for quick access when you need to grab your binos fast. 

Price – $55  /

Badlands Bino XR

A bino harness was just a natural progression for the Badlands pack company after years of making a variety packs designed for hunters across the country.  When it comes to the Bino XR, you get two fully enclosed compartments to protect your binoculars and your rangefinder, but you’ll also find Badlands’ exclusive Zip-No magnetic closures that allow for quick and quiet access. The Badlands crew says this harness is packed with all the features you’ll appreciate, from comfort to function.

It weighs in at 1.6 ounces, is built from KXO-32 fabric, has a built-in rain  cover, and holds binos up to 10×42.

Price – $149.99  /

Badlands Bino XR

Marsupial Gear Enclosed Bino Harness

The Enclosed Bino Harness from Marsupial Gear is a slim and trim harness option that offers the same one-handed access and operation that Marsupial is known for.

The front folding design also includes another layer of protection for your gear with taller sidewalls and overlapping wings to fully seal and protect your optics from the elements. 

Marsupial Gear Enclosed Bino Harness

The pack also has ample storage with stretch fabric that allows you to carry more in the front and side pockets, as well as any add-ons you utilize in conjunction with the pack’s MOLLE webbing built into the bottom of the pack. The pack comes in 3 sizes, small (14oz), medium (14.5oz), large (15.5oz)

Price $124.95  /

FHF Gear Pro-M Bino Harness

You’ll find the Pro-M Bino Harness from FHF Gear to be made with high quality, durable Cordura, for a rugged build that can take a beating. The harness was designed to be quiet and lightweight, with a low profile and easy one-handed grab-n-go access to your optics. The company deliberately stayed away from excessive use of elastic in the construction of this harness to eliminate bouncing while jumping, running, or riding off-road. A built-in MOLLE system allows for add-ons and attachments, including a pepper spray holster. 

FHF Gear Pro-M

You’ll find the Pro-M available in 3 sizes, including: Small (9.4oz), Medium (9.5oz), and Large (10.2oz). 

Price $110  /

What about you? What’s your favorite bino harness?

Comment below, and let us know what you like best. 

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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