Bear Redemption EKO Bow Review

By Brodie SwisherFebruary 15, 2021

For a lot of us, an old-school Bear compound bow was the first bow we ever launched arrows from. Bear bows were pretty much standard equipment many years ago for archers and bowhunters.

And while a lot has changed from that time to now, the Bear brand is still cranking out some serious equipment when it comes to quality bows at an affordable price. They’ve got an impressive variety of bow options, for the youngest to the oldest of shooters. 

Check out the all-new Bear Redemption EKO

Their flagship hunting bow for 2021 is the all-new Bear Redemption EKO. 

Take a closer look at the basics on this new bow in the video below…

First Impressions

I liked the way this bow felt in my hand when I pulled it from the box. It’s light and maneuverable. It looks sharp, finished in a Veil Camo pattern, that should blend well in just about any terrain, east or west. 

It draws smooth enough, with a little bump on the back end as the cams roll over, as well as upon release.  

The company has taken some steps to improve bow vibration with the Redemption EKO in their new VRS system. It’s a welcomed change in this bow design to reduce vibration and stabilize the riser like nothing they’ve produced yet. 

Specs on the Bear Redemption EKO


Axle to Axle – 31″ 

Speed – 342 FPS

Brace Height – 6.25″  

Draw Length – 26″ – 30″

Draw Weight – 45-60 lbs / 55-70 lbs

Let-Off – 75%, 80%, 85%, 90%

Weight – 4.1 lbs

Price – $999

EKO Cam System

The Redemption is powered by Bear’s patented EKO Cam System. It’s a cam design that was built for greater adjustability. You’ll see it in the draw mods that can easily take you from 26″ to 30″, without the need for a bow press.

It’s Bear’s highest let-off cam system yet, with custom let-off options, including 75%, 80%, 85%, and 90%. You get to choose what let-off option fits you the best, without having to worry about sacrificing performance. 

The cam delivers plenty of speed, firing arrows at up to 342 feet per second. 

Bear Redemption EKO Cam System

Vibration Reduction System (VRS)

As mentioned above, Bear has introduced an all-new Vibration Reduction System, better known as VRS. The concept helps stabilize and reduce lingering riser vibration.

The new VRS system works in conjunction with Bear’s Shockwave Dampening System to reduce limb vibration.

The company says the combination has helped eliminate shot vibration by up to 25% from previous models 

Bear Redemption VRS

Working together, these two systems deliver a much smoother and quieter shooting  experience shot after shot.

Align-Lok Technology

One handy feature built into this bow is a level you’ll find mounted in the riser. Bear calls it, Align-Lok Technology.

The level is built into the bow to aid in the set up process and works in conjunction with the bow sight to align second and third axis levels. It’s a simple and handy addition that makes the tuning process easier than ever.

Getting your bow set up and dialed in is even easier with Align-Lok Technology.

The Grip

The Redemption EKO comes with two grip options, allowing you to customize to what fits you the best. 

Options include the VersaGrip, for a smaller profile and reduction in torque, as well as the NaroGrip, designed to naturally fit the sweet spot in your had to give you the exact grip you need, and reduce torque along the way.  

Built with the Versagrip to reduce torque.

How It Performs

I spent some time sending arrows through this bow to get a feel for how it performed and shine some light on any pros and cons I may have with the bow. 

To best reflect hunting performance, I shot 3 different arrows at various grain weights through the chrono to get an idea of real-world hunting performance you can expect from the bow. 

The test bow was set up at 28″ draw length and draw weight bottomed out at 70 pounds. 

Here’s a look at the numbers I got from the test bow with the following arrows:

Arrow 1 – 398.3 gn  /  291 FPS

Arrow 2 – 455.9 gn  /  273 FPS

Arrow 3 – 544.5 gn  /  252 FPS

One issue I did come across while shooting the bow is a creaking sound that appears to be coming from the cable guard during the draw cycle. The sound seems to be coming from the guard’s pivoting arm. I’ll spend more time with it in hopes of eliminating the noise. And it may work itself out through the break-in process. But it’s a sound that I wouldn’t want to experience when coming to full draw on a big buck on a still and quiet morning in the woods.


The Bear Redemption EKO is a nice bow option with its fair share of performance built in, yet at a price that’s below most other flagship bows on the market this year. The bow is a testimony to the fact that Bear Archery is still a player in the bow industry, with no sign of slowing down. 

Check it out at your local Bear dealer, or online at www.beararchery.com

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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