TightSpot Rise Arrow Quiver

By Bow StaffJanuary 14, 2019

TightSpot, the quiver that was designed to fit tight to your bow, has expanded their product line for 2019 with a new design geared towards the treestand hunter. The company admits their original quiver design was better suited for the western hunter, or anyone that wanted to keep their quiver on the bow all the time, even when shooting. However, a lot of treestand hunters, if not most, prefer to remove their quiver from their bow while hunting from the treestand. They simply hang it on a  hook or limb to give them additional space and mobility when shot opportunities arise. With that in mind, TightSpot developed their latest creation, the TightSpot Rise quiver, designed specifically for treestand hunters.


TightSpot Rise Quiver

The new TightSpot Rise quiver is 4 inches shorter in design for a more compact option. It was designed with a built-in hanger on the top of the hood for quick and easy hanging on a tree hook, limb, or whatever else once you remove it from your bow.

The second-contact arrow clamps also now come standard on the Rise quiver, giving your arrows more support and to help prevent mechanical broadheads from opening inside the quiver hood.


The screw-in bracket allows you to quickly attach the quiver to the tree once removed from your bow.

The Rise quiver is easily adapted to the company’s screw-in tree bracket once removed from the bow. This setup gives you quick and easy access when grabbing for a second arrow. You can say goodbye to dropped quivers and arrows when you’re using the new TightSpot Rise quiver.

Take a closer look at the TighSpot Rise quiver in the video below…


The Rise quiver sells for $179.99. You can see it, as well as the complete line of TightSpot products, at www.tightspotquiver.com.

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