Wyndscent Launches The Scent Predictor

By Courtney KaufmannOctober 20, 2021

Deer season is here.  Most deer hunters can’t wait for the rut. Most of us who deer hunt spend a lot of time trying to outsmart big bucks. Some hunters hunt over mock scrapes.  

Others use deer decoys and scents together. Some prefer scent drags or hunt over community scrapes. One thing is certain: deer hunters love using deer scents.

Wyndscent Launches The Scent Predictor

The downside is every deer hunter out there has had a bad experience with deer scents. Often deer will spook when they approach a mock scrape because the scent is the wrong scent for the time of year the hunter is hunting over the scrape. 

Sometimes strong rut scents won’t work during the early season. Knowing when to use which scent can be difficult.

Wyndscent recently launched a Scent Predictor on their website that helps deer hunters across the country select the proper scent for the area they are hunting in based on what the current phase of the rut is in.

To use the Scent Predictor, hunters can type in their zip code and a graph will show hunters based on their geographical area when the rut will likely start to kick in and what type of scent to use during that time frame.

Wyndscent Launches The Scent Predictor

The Scent Predictor will give hunters a variety of scent options based on the upcoming rut calendar. The Scent Predictor takes the guesswork out of knowing what scent to use in the early season, the pre-rut, the rut, and the late season.

At some point during the fall deer season, every buck will be traveling looking for hot does and will often check out any scent they think is either a hot doe or a rutting buck. Using the perfect scent at just the right time is a great way to outsmart Mr. Big.

Please keep in mind Peak rut times can be predicted but knowing the exact day of the peak of the rut is nearly impossible to know. The rut is predicted based on the photoperiod, but weather also plays a key role in the rut.

To see the peak rut graph and to determine which scents are best for the area you hunt, please visit https://www.wyndscent.com/pages/scent-predictor.

Courtney Kaufmann
Courtney is a passionate bowhunter who has a love for the outdoors. If she isn't in a tree stand or a ground blind, she is most likely somewhere fishing! In her free time, Courtney enjoys photography and trying out new recipes with wild game and fresh caught fish! Fun Fact: Courtney was a professional cake decorator for 7 years before working for Bowhunting.com
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