GPO RangeGuide 10×50 Rangefinding Binocular

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Advancements in the gear we use as bowhunters continue to grow exponentially with each passing year. It seems like every trade show season delivers an onslaught of technological tweaks and twists designed to make life better for the hunter. We’ve seen it in trail cameras, mapping apps, rangefinding bow sights, tracking devices and more. I recently had the chance to check out a product that was designed to deliver the best of both worlds by building a rangefinder into a quality pair of binoculars to help the hunter have an all-in-one package to simplify life on the hunt. Here’s a closer look at the GPO RangeGuide 10×50 rangefinding binocular.


GPO unleashes the RangeGuide 10×50 as they jump into the rangefinding bino category.

GPO (German Precision Optics) is new to the rangefinding bino category, but they are quickly finding their place with a product that delivers performance at a price that sets it apart from much of the competition.

The RangeGuide 10×50 was designed to combine optical quality and precision electronic rangefinding technology in one rangefinding bino package. The bino delivers great low-light brightness thanks to GPObright high-transmission lens coatings and 50mm lenses.

GPO Rangeguide 10x50 rangefinding binocular - GPO-Lenses

The 50mm lenses on the RangeGuide 10×50 deliver great performance in low-light conditions.

Out of the Box

Beyond the RangeGuide binos, items and accessories you’ll find in the box include a neoprene strap, microfiber cleaning cloth, hard case and battery.

You’ll know you’re dealing with a beefed up bino the moment you put the RangeGuide in your hands. The magnesium body and armor coatings deliver durability and protection from the beating it will take by hunters. On our scale, they weighed in at 2.5 pounds. Not bad when compared to a comparable sized 10×50 bino without rangefinding abilities that weighed in at 1.85 pounds. The RangeGuide is well balanced, and the beefier feel did not present any issues in handling and performance.


The RangeGuide 10×50 delivers big performance in a compact package.

RangeGuide 10×50 Rangefinding Bincoular Performance

What you’ll find in the features of the RangeGuide bino is over 3,000 yards of ranging capability, True-Range angle technology to calculate the proper distance and angle to your target, and a scan mode that quickly allows you grab 3 readings per second.

You’ll also find a temperature reading to assist your shot placement and OLED display with nine adjustable brightness levels. All of these features are built into a small and compact package that’s easy to handle on the hunt.

GPO Rangeguide 10x50 rangefinding binocular GPO-Buttons

The RangeGuide was designed to be quick and simple for fast readings at the push of a button.

I tested the RangeGuide 10×50 against my favorite Leupold rangefinder I hunt with and found it to be very consistent in grabbing accurate ranges. I was limited in the distance I could test them against here on my home farm with limited open country, but both units were consistently within a yard of each other when tested out to 300 yards. I would like to spend more time with the binos to do some long distance testing, but that will have to come in a future review.

Because you’re dealing with a bino, the two-hand operation makes for nice and steady operation, allowing you to easily land on your target. It’s a nice a change from what we typically know with a standard rangefinder being held in one hand.  The unit seems to grab the range plenty fast, allowing you to get the distance you need, even when you’re in a pinch with a big buck.

GPO Rangeguide 10x50 rangefinding binocular - GPO-vs-Rangefinder

Tested against my favorite rangefinder, the RangeGuide proved to be very accurate, to the yard.

The GPO RangeGuide 10×50 rangefinding binocular is priced at $1699.99. It’s more expensive than some, but far less expensive than many of the other options in its category. Better yet, they come with a lifetime warranty. Check them out at

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