New Hunting Scents & Lures For 2017

By Tracy BreenMarch 31, 2017

You would think scent products wouldn’t change much. After all, deer urine is deer urine … right? Well, kinda. Over the last several decades, the outdoor industry has learned a lot about deer urine. How to collect it properly, when to collect it, how to preserve it and how to maximize the attractiveness of it to peak the interest of bucks in the rut.  Now companies are learning more and more about how to synthesize it create synthetic lures with a longer shelf life that are every bit as effective as the real thing.  As technology has advanced, so too have the number of scent-related products on the market. Below are a few of the latest and greatest on the market in 2017.


One of the most recognized names in the scent industry is Tink’s. They have been around forever and truly set the standard with their #69 Doe-In-Rut product. This year they have a new product called Trophy Taker Gel. The long lasting gel can be sprayed on the ground, a tree or anywhere a hunter would like to attract deer. A variety of scents are available including a calming synthetic scent called Relax. Other options include Heat and the ever popular #69 Doe-in-Rut.

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Tinks Heat


DOC’S has a new scent called Love Potion #9. This product is a combination of Extreme Heat and gland secretions that will drive bucks wild during the rut. This product is available in a 4-ounce bottle, unlike many scents that are only available in 1-ounce bottles, giving users more bang for the buck.

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docs 9


Fourth Arrow, makers of the original vapor WYNDSCENT unit, have raised the bar this year with their new Grenade launcher. Now you can attract your target buck with an automatically timed vapor scent dispersal with the ability to turn on or off with a remote from up to 40 yards away! Simply mount your WYNDSCENT Grenade or Wyndstick to the top of the WYNDSCENT Grenade Launcher. After turning on, once a minute for a three second time frame, vapor will be emitted. A variety of cover and attractant scents are available for deer, bear, elk, and predators. Vapor scents are extremely strong, but one scent stick lasts up to 40 hours of in field use.

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wyndscent grenade launcher


A-Way Hunting products is now offering SHE-DUCTION in its popular Scent-Web line. Scent-Web is silly string that has been impregnated with deer scent to attract deer. Simply spray the Scent-Web anywhere you want deer to stop and smell it, like on vegetation close to your shooting lane. SHE-DUCTION is a scent that will attract bucks before, during and after the rut. Scent-Web is also available in SCRAPE VENOM and SHE-HEAT doe in estrus.

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A-Way SheDuction_Can[1]


Top Secret Scents has a tarsal gland scent that is sure to drive bucks crazy called Tarsal Gland Hot Scrape. With this scent, hunters can tick off the big buck in their area by doing a drag to their treestand or to the mock scrape near their treestand. Using doe urine isn’t the only way to attract big bucks. Using a tarsal gland scent will also drive them crazy!

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Top Secret


Wildlife Research Center offers a wide range of urine products including Golden Scrape which is a combination of premium deer urine, estrus secretions and buck urine. The combination is said to be deadly. To top it off, a fresh scraped earth scent is added with a territorial musk scent. This can be used in real scrapes, mock scrapes or added to a Magnum scrape dripper.

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Golden Scrape


If you are looking for ultra fresh urine, check out Nationwide Scents. This company might not be a household name, but they produce great deer scents. They collect and sell all of their own urines. The moment they collect the urine they bring it down to 33 degrees, bottle it and then freeze it. They ship it out to the consumer frozen. Because of this process, the urine doesn’t have time to quickly break down and spoil like other products on the market. Nationwide offers a wide variety of urine products including estrus doe urine, rutting buck urine, and many other products.

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nationwide scent


Every deer hunter would like to know exactly when the rut is taking place so they know when to be in the tree. Now hunters can know exactly when does are coming into estrus, thanks to a revolutionary new product from Conquest Scents called Heat Seaker. Heat Seaker is a test strip kit that has been developed to determine when does are in heat. The test strip can detect airborne estrus pheromones. To use the kit, you wet the test strip with the special Heat Seeker solution, stick the strip on a card and into a special holder that gets stuck in the ground, and cover the card with a plastic shroud for five minutes. After five minutes if the strip turns red, a doe in heat has urinated in the area and you will know the rut is on! This kit is truly unique.

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conquest Heat Seeker Easle-01

Tracy Breen
Tracy Breen is a full-time outdoor writer and marketing consultant in the outdoor industry. Over the past twenty years, he has been able to hunt and fish all over North America. Tracy was born with cerebral palsy and often writes and speaks about overcoming physical obstacles, chasing dreams and living life to the fullest. Tracy writes for a wide array of publications including Outdoor Life, New Pioneer, North American Whitetail, Buckmasters, Petersen’s Bowhunting and Bowhunting World to name a few. Tracy resides in Michigan with his wife, Angie and their two boys Thane and Hendrik.
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