B&C Issues Response to the Johnny King Buck Tale – It’s NOT Typical

By Hunting NetworkMay 12, 2011

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

Just a few days ago Hunting Network, along with many other websites, forums, and of course the originator of the story, Deer and Deer Hunting magazine, introduced to many of us the Johnny King buck. The significance of this buck being that it may presently be the greatest typical ever taken.

king buck looking to YOUR left

The Boone & Crockett club refuses to panel score the above, Johnny King buck, on grounds that the bucks right side G-3 is non-typical.

Today, amidst a wall of controversy, the hallowed halls of North America’s big-game record keeping Boone & Crockett Club issued a statement in regards to this magnificent animal, and to the author of the now very famous article, Duncan Dobie.

In their words.

“In light of a recent article in Deer and Deer Hunting by Duncan Dobie about Johnny King’s typical whitetail deer, the Boone and Crockett Club’s Records Committee would like to clarify our position. I would first like to note that it is important to understand that neither Jack Reneau, Director of Big Game Records, nor any member of the committee has a vested interest in the specific score of this or any other trophy, other than to see that it is accurately scored in accordance with the Club’s guidelines. The declaration of any new World’s Record is a welcomed celebration for the Club, game managers, and dedicated sportsmen.

We are concerned with the misinformation being presented in the article. After speaking with Jack Reneau, I found that he was misinterpreted regarding a possible rule change. What has been printed does not reflect what he was trying to convey. He said with the high and increasing volume of whitetail deer entries, we are seeing abnormalities that are not addressed in the scoring manual. These can present challenges to the Official Measurers. The right G3 on the King buck presents just such an abnormality. This situation came to light under the term of the Club’s previous Records Chairman and was written up in the winter issue of “Fair Chase Magazine” in 2000. Reneau was merely pointing out that it is an issue that had not been directly addressed in the Official Measuring manual, but has been the subject of much discussion.

The King buck, while an exceptional specimen, was determined to have an abnormal right G3. This was confirmed, independently, by four highly experienced Boone and Crockett Club Official Measurers. Each of the scorers involved in this examination were senior measurers with both Pope and Young Club and Boone and Crockett Club. They have served on numerous Judges Panels for both organizations. After the four measurers made their determination, the trophy purchaser/promoter questioned the decision. Jack Reneau reviewed the file with other Big Game Records staff and the Records Committee members who also all concurred with the ruling.

Due to a liberalization of the entry requirements a few years ago, this damaged buck is eligible for entry even though the main beam had been shot off. The original Official Measurer’s judgment that the buck needed review by Boone and Crockett Club to see if it could be officially scored and entered with the broken main beam was correct.

The purchaser/promoter of the rack has repeatedly requested that a panel re-score the deer. The criteria for panel scoring are 1) to confirm a new top-ten trophy entry or 2) to confirm a new World’s Record entry. Neither being the case, no panel will be convened. The original entry score of 180 points is accurate.

In conclusion, Boone and Crockett Club is well aware of what can be at stake when antler buyers, agents, promoters, and endorsement seekers weigh in on scoring, and we will remain vigilant to maintain the integrity of Big Game Records, with fairness to all trophies and all trophy owners. In doing so, the Club will not let any individual or groups modify the rules to favor a specific trophy above others. The King buck was withdrawn by the hunter from our records program. It is in no way a pending World’s Record, nor subject to revision. It can be re-entered at anytime by the owner with a typical score of 180 points.”

Richard T. Hale
Deputy Vice President
Records of North American Big Game Committee

right side g3 shot of king buck

Another view of the disputed G-3 tine. Under the Buckmasters scoring system this tine was called typical and as it stands King does currently hold the World Record Typical Buck honors.

The interesting fact related to this story is that although the B&C Club points a finger at Duncan Dobie and Deer and Deer Hunting for all the misinformation expelled from their article, they in fact never give names of the so-called four (not including Reneau) who repute the King buck as a typical. Whereas, Duncan (in his D&DH article) gives many names of those respected scorers who do – including one very  respected scorer who was on the panel that scored Milo Hanson’s 1993 World Record. He too, called the King buck a typical.

As it stands, it looks as if King’s Wisconsin monarch will never see a panel scoring. The most famous G-3 in whitetail scoring history also remains the most controversial. While the Boone & Crockett Club stands by its much anticipated and predictable response, it’s of my own conclusion (Mike Willand) that when a judgment call is this close, like in baseball, tie should go to the runner. As in, give it to the animal that grew it.

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