TenPoint Carbon Fusion CLS

The Carbon Fusion CLS by TenPoint is the first crossbow in the industry to use a woven carbon fiber barrel, making it a lighter and quieter bow that eliminates 20 ounces from the original Phantom CLS bow. The Carbon Fusion CLS also includes threaded aluminum rivet nuts that float the barrel inside the stock, which reduces both noise and vibration. Also to improve string life the barrel’s flight deck has extremely low friction.

TenPoint Carbon Fusion CLS


  1. WOW BADASS CROSSBOW. I have a Tenpoint Titan Xtreme and i shoot carbon express maxima red arrows, they are by far the most accurate arrows i have ever used. I LOVE MY CROSSBOW. I just started my own hunting website n was wondering if u mind checking mine out and letting me know what u think. I hav a lot of trail cam picts of some nice bucks in the Keystone State. I also hav a lot of products that in use n works well 4me. Few products below.

    1. Ghost Blind
    2. Buck Fever Scent lures (Mock Scrapes)

    My goal is to get the younger generation more involved with hunting and just bein outdoors. I alsowill keep my site updated least once a week starting Sat Oct 5. white-tails-in-the-keystone-pa.webnode.com Good Luck This Season..


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