New Archery Products FOC Crossbow Broadhead

New Archery Products (NAP) has long been considered one of the most reliable and innovative manufacturers of broadheads with long time favorites like the Thunderhead, Nitron and Spitfire.  New for 2011, however, they are taking it to another level with their Crossbow Freakin’ Outrageous Cut.  The FOC features a whopping 3” cutting diameter and is designed for today’s modern crossbows that can exceed speeds of 400 feet per second.  The FOC weighs 170 grains which brings the weight forward balance to an ideal 15-20% without the use of a special insert.  If you are a crossbow user and are looking for an aggressive broadhead for 2011, look no further than the FOC by NAP!  Watch this video to learn more.





  1. Ashley smit says:

    im really impressed with the NAP FOC with its 3inch blades! however i noticed the blades deploy from the front and not the back,the problem with this is if you watch high speed video's of front deploying broadheads.when the broadhead makes contact with the ballistic gel the initial entry hole is rather small as the blades are only fully opened after a few inches of penetration.this resultes in potention to miss vital arteries,vains,blood vessels,etc as full broadhead deployment takes vital inches of penetration.also with front deploying broadheads they produce more resistance/friction due to their forward deploying action and thus resulting in decreased the high speed video of the front deploying spitfire then you will clearly notice what i mentioned above.i would really like to see a back deploying NAP FOC broadhead..however congratulations on a awesome product.regards Ashley

  2. Phil Tripp says:

    Just shot a nice buck tonight with this broad head . It had a massive cut but the only problem is that the screw in shaft of the broad head broke off. Thats a lot of cash too spend on a product that breaks the first shot of the year. Maybe it was defective some one at the company could contact me and I will send you the broad head for inspection.

  3. I shoot a PSE Fang crossbow, Is the FOC 170 grain broadhead too big to shoot out of my crossbow?

    • You should be fine – we’ve shot them from compounds with great results.


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