New Archery Products Killzone

The new Killzone from New Archery Products is available in three different models including a cut-on-contact tip, a bone-crushing Trophy Tip, or the Deep Six compatible model, all with a devastating 2” cutting diameter. This 2 blade rear-deploying broadhead uses NAP’s spring-clip design to ensure that your blade won’t open in flight or in your quiver.


  • 2” Cutting Diameter
  • No O-Rings or Rubber Bands
  • Cut-On-Contact Tip
  • Trophy Tip

Product Video

New Archery Products Killzone


  1. wondering how this broadhead does, I use the spite fire and love them.

  2. Vince R says:

    two for two
    big bodied 4 year old PA buck and mature PA doe
    both shot broad side at 22 and 18yds respectively
    neither went more than 60yds
    they worked great


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