Mathews z7 Xtreme Tactical Compound Bow

New for 2011 is the Mathews z7 Xtreme Tactical compound bow.  Adding to the line of Z Series bows, the z7 Xtreme Tactical has the same specs as the z7 Xtreme but in a sleak flat black finish with carbon fiber dipped limbs.  At just 28″ axle to axle the z7 Xtreme is very maneuverable and is sure to be a hit with both ground blind as well as treestand hunters.


Mathews z7 Xtreme Tactical Bow


Mathews z7 Xtreme Tactical Specs:

IBO Rating: 330 fpsATA Length: 28″Brace Height: 7 3/8″Bow Weight: 3.98 lbsLet-Off 80%


  1. hellbender says:

    2 words: bad A$$!!

  2. hellrazor says:

    thats actually 3: words; bad; ass

  3. josh pinkerton says:

    best lookin bow i have ever seen

  4. look at the bad ass tactical accessory,s fort this bow at .xtreme tactical archery gear.


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