Bowtech Insanity CPX

The all new Insanity CPX from Bowtech uses the best industry changing technologies from the Destroyer and Invasion CPX and amped them up to insane level. The Insanity CPX is scary accurate, ghostly smooth, dead stable bow that just happens to be 355fps.


  • Draw weight: 50, 60, 70, 80
  • Mass Weight: 4.3 lbs
  • Effective Let-off: 80%
  • Draw Length: 25.5” – 30”
  • Kinetic Energy: 98 ft/lbs
  • Axle to Axle: 32”
  • IBO Speed: 355 FPS
  • Brace Height:6”

Product Video

Bowtech Insanity CPX


  1. Perry Colins says:

    I would not use a bowtech bow if my life depended on it.The history of recall's they had on certain chinese parts and on limbs breaking, put's me as far away from Bowtech bows as possible.Dangerous bows for the hunter at hand and not the prey.

    • Matt A Gascar says:

      Chinese parts?? Your a f#cking idiot… everything is shop made in Seattle Washington inhouse. You sound like a real idiot, and I believe you are…

  2. Logan James says:

    That's ridiculous! I've shot BowTech for years and have had nothing but good experiences with them and most of the realistic reviews i've read are good. Also, i don't know what you're talking about "chinese parts" Bowtech has always been Made in America!

    • rob musick1964 says:

      never had issues with bowtech bows shooting for years bowtech shooter for life, very high quality bows and very accurate ive ever shot only issues have buy arrows from group damage.

  3. Raoul Kennedy van Da says:

    That is typical, if one can't face the fact that a bow that is actualy so short in bussiness – Is making a true statement in the Bow World, then it's bad ! I have owned and shot many makes of bows, and now own a Bowtech Invasion CPX and soon the Insanity. This is one fine piece of equipment. I can truely say with no doubt in my mind, maybe one of the best bows i have shot.

  4. Toby Gangler says:

    These two bows (Invasion & Insanity)are, in my opinion, the two best bows to hit the market in years. Bowtech have created a technology that I guarentee every other bow company out there will be copying here in the near future.
    Recalls???? I've shot bowtech since 2005 and have never recieved any word on a recall…Dangerous to the hunter? Come on man!Please elaborate on the whole "Chinese Parts" thing. I'd be curious to know what you're talking about.

  5. Randy Lester says:

    I have hunted with a 2009 Bowtech Captain for three years and have had nothing but great results. From the original setup, the bow has never gotten out of tune! No problems whatsoever. Great bow, great company.

  6. What's the price of the insanity?

  7. Brian McEvoy says:

    the Insanity runs MSRP 999.99 i bought one in black ops at #80 keep it turned at #76 best decision you can make is upgrade to one! I upgraded from a captain, thought it was pointless until I shot an Insanity

  8. Brian Irvine says:

    I have been a bowtech guy since 2006. I was currently shooting the invasion, and one of my buddy's just purchased the Mathews helium. He had been goin on about how good this bow is. This last weekend I went to my bow shop and shot it, along with the new insanity. Needless to say I walked out with the insanity. The Mathews is not even close to being in the same category. Bottom line, smooth draw, fast, quiet, very consistent, and virtually no jump our hand shock whatsoever. What else can u ask for? Bowtech is just the best company on the market…..PERIOD!

  9. AK Hunter says:

    Owned the Patriot, Alliegence, Captain Testerossa and now the Destroyer 350. Wow! Insanity!!!! Want one in the Black Ops #80. Never a problem and love BOWTECH for the nation wide Active Duty 15% discount!!! Keep up the great work. Grew up 20 mins form the Matthews factory and they wouldn't even allow me to take a factory tour.

  10. What about bow tech warrenty .I owned a Mathews switch back and the Limb cracked . And Mathews replaced both limbs in three days . I think bow tech only has one year warrenty . That bothers me. . And mite be the reason why I don't get a bow tech.

  11. Just left the bow shop after shooting a Mathews Monster since 09. Decided to try the Insanity on a recommendation from a freind. Told the shop I did not want to down grade on speed. Double checked my draw weight on Monster at 62 lbs., my draw length is 28.5" and my hunting arrow is a Easton ST Epic with 100 Grain Field Point, Trophy Taker Drop Away Rest. Shot 284 FPS average with the Monster (5 shots). Took the Insanity off the shelf, set draw weight to 62 lbs., had a Whisker Bisq. rest, same arrow and shot 284 avg (5 shots). The Insanity had much less shock, much more forgiveness and was way smoother. Getting ready to go back and place my order! Great shooting bow!

  12. Tim Levesque says:

    I love my Bowtech Destroyer LE. For the record, all Bowtech bows come with a lifetime warranty if it is purchased through a registered dealer.

  13. I have owned just about evey Mathews bow made for the past 10 years and last year I owned 5 Mathews 2 hoyts and 2 Bowtechs, 101st Airborne and 82nd Airborne. Shot all of them off and on and liked them all. Then I tried the Bowtech Insanity CPX. Love at first shot then I sold all my other bows except my favorite Mathews for a backup. Never thought I'd ever say Mathews was going to be my backup and never thought I'd ever own just 2 bows. But 3 successful hunts last year and a whole lot of fun with my Insanity and I'm hooked on shooting again. This is the first year si8nce I started shooting that I'm not looking for a new bow. Can't imagine a better and mroe fun bow to own.


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