GlenDel Full Rut

The GlenDel Full Rut is the largest 3-D deer target you can buy! If you hunt big bucks you’ll want to practice on the bigges buck target of all! Be prepared for a big buck by practicing on a big buck! GlenDel 3-D archery targets are big. Their body size is comparable to bucks between 200 lbs. and 300 lbs. This prepares you for when that monster buck steps into your shooting lane! It also allows for GlenDel’s legendary, oversized, 4-sided cores that have far more shooting surface than the competition.

More core shooting surface means more shots, fewer misses!

The oversized shooting cores in a GlenDel target give you dramatically more core shooting surface to shoot at than competitive 3-D targets. And, more core shooting surface means a longer lasting core and fewer missed shots.

GlenDel Full Rut

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