BowTech Invasion CPX

BowTech Invasion CPX

The BowTech Invasion is now with CPX technology. Scary accurate, deadly quiet, and blazing fast. Center Pivot Extreme technology is what you ge when you combine Center Pivot HardCore limbs, ultra low friction components, zero tolerance assembly, a truly deflexed riser, and a sleek new design approach. This delivers a scary accuracte, deadly quiet and blazing fast hunting machine.

BowTech promised something special, something wildly innovative, and they delivered with the most accurate hunting bow ever build. The Invasion CPX harnesses all of BowTech’s best technologies, leading the way in their 2011 line up. Combing their phenomenal HardCore Limbs, OverDrive Binary cam system and FLX-Guard cable containment with the new CPX technology, they have created a bow that is scary accurate, deadly quiet, and blazing fast. The Invasion is now.


BowTech Invasion CPX Specs

  • Brace Height: 7 inches
  • Axle to Axle: 31 1/32 inches
  • Draw Length: 26-30 inches
  • Peak Draw Weights: 50/60/70/80 lbs
  • IBO/ATA Speed: 343 fps
  • Kinetic Energy: 91.45 ft-lbs
  • Effective Let-Off: 80%
  • Mass Weight: 3.9 lbs



  1. Just bought mine and it is absolutely the fastest, quietest, most all around best bow I've ever owned/shot!

  2. the best bow I ever shot and owend by far the best!!!!

  3. Bowhunterportugal says:

    what's the price?

  4. I just bought one this weekend. I spent about an hour at the dealer shooting this side by side against the Hoyt Carbon Elements. Both are excellent bows, but in the end I bought the Invasion because: (1) it is slightly faster; and (2) the Hoyt was another $200. I shot the invasion over the weekend and love it.

  5. I have the Invasion and it is UNREAL… I added Bowjax to the FLX guard, the string stop and added the Mathews Monkey Tails to the string. I kid you not, if you thought it was quiet before, its half the noise! I shoot out to 100 yards in practice with my hunting setup and I'll put down 5" groups, I touch arrows at 60 yards.. This thing is awesome!

  6. Best bow I've ever owned. Bar none.


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