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How To: Taking Quality Bowhunting Harvest Pictures

4 Min Read
There is an old cliché amongst deer hunters that following the harvest of a whitetail, “the real work begins.”  This is undoubtedly true; first there is the emotional roller coaster of following a blood trail.  Once we’ve recovered fallen animal, then comes the field dressing, the sometimes rigorous drag out of the woods, then if […]

Rocky Deer Stalker Xtreme Rubber Boots

1 min
I recently tried out my Deer Stalker Xtreme boots for the first time a couple weeks ago.  It wasn’t the best idea for that summer afternoon as these 1400 gram boots had my feet steaming hot!  I wanted to get a feel for the boots before the cooler weather of bow season set in.  I […]

Scouting New Bowhunting Properties

3 Min Read
I am one of those bowhunters who doesn’t own hundreds of acres of prime land. So I spend each spring and summer searching for new areas to hunt. Typically I like to give back to the landowner in the form of trail cutting, tree trimming, or other property improving task. I have had good luck […]