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Rocky Deer Stalker Xtreme Rubber Boots

1 min
I recently tried out my Deer Stalker Xtreme boots for the first time a couple weeks ago.  It wasn’t the best idea for that summer afternoon as these 1400 gram boots had my feet steaming hot!  I wanted to get a feel for the boots before the cooler weather of bow season set in.  I […]

Scouting New Bowhunting Properties

3 Min Read
I am one of those bowhunters who doesn’t own hundreds of acres of prime land. So I spend each spring and summer searching for new areas to hunt. Typically I like to give back to the landowner in the form of trail cutting, tree trimming, or other property improving task. I have had good luck […]

Early Season Whitetails and Food Plots

5 Min Read
As the Dog Days of summer begin to dwindle down to the early stages of fall, so my excitement and enthusiasm for the opening day of bow season rises.  As if it could rise any higher!  Opening day for some is just weeks away, but for most of us we still have to wait until […]