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11 Min Read
Elk hunting teaches life lessons and gives you reasons to persevere.

Mini-Hunters, Mighty Results

2 Min Read
Take a kid hunting this year, or sponsor a kid so they can attend an event with your local conservation organization.

A Pretty Good Day of Turkey Hunting - Our 2011 MI Gobbler

3 Min Read
My 2011 turkey hunting season didn't go quite as planned, but things finally came together for us with me behind the camera and my buddy Corey up to bat. Our hunt wasn't perfect, but in the end, it was a pretty good day of turkey hunting.

Operation Full Draw

1 Min Read
Thanks to the Taggarts and members of the WTA for sending a traditional care package to our soldiers at Camp Cropper in Iraq.

Mathews Z7 Xtreme Tactical Bow Review

4 Min Read
Late each year as fall gives way to winter the big names in archery begin releasing the details of their upcoming bow lineup. With much anticipation bowhunters across the world take to the Internet to get a glimpse of next year’s offerings, often speculating about the new innovations that will soon be available for their […]

The Crossbow Tramp

5 Min Read
Most hunters enter the field with equipment that has been chosen carefully based on experience, preferences and proven results from past hunts; dependable tools that are faithfully relied upon at the culmination of an often times difficult and arduous hunt.  At that moment of truth the hunter wants to be in possession of equipment that […]

Gear Review- NAP Apache Arrow Rest, QuikFletch, and Bloodrunner Broadhead

6 Min Read
The older I get, the less I like change; particularly when it comes to my bowhunting gear. It is an emotion that I try hard to reverse. Nevertheless, as a regular contributor to and Bow and Arrow Hunting magazine, I am often asked to try different products and offer an opinion. Sometimes, these products […]