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Mapping Your Way To Hunting Success

8 Min Read
This is an indepth article that explains the importance of scouting and utilizing modern technology to make a detailed portfolio of the property you hunt.

The Bucks That Got Away.

4 Min Read
A look at the big bucks of my 2010 season that got away and the reasons why they took 5-10 years off my expected lifespan!

Bowhunting Predators: A Different "March Madness"

6 Min Read
Many bowhunters amid their off-season are filling out their NCAA basketball brackets, but the month of March brings me a whole new “March Madness.” Whether you’re a seasoned predator caller or looking for off-season excitement, calling predators is something every bowhunter should try.

Review: GoPro HD 960 Hero

4 Min Read Prostaff member Josh Fletcher reviews the new action camera for hunters looking to film their own hunts.

Crossbow Review: Parker Crossbow's Tornado

5 Min Read
Heading into the field on the next hunting trip is a jubilation that each of us that pursues wild things is very familiar with.  Visions of trophy critters and epic deeds of great cunning and courage dominate our thoughts as we head for our destinations, fired up with all of the anticipation that can only […]

THANK YOU Mom and Dad!

3 Min Read
Much of the credit for a life dedicated to the chase of wild things rightfully belongs to my beloved mother and father.  Born in 1949 and schooled during the 50’s and 60’s, the year 2010 seemed a million miles away to me during those formative years.  But now that it’s come and gone, not only […]
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