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2010 Ozark Mountain Outfitters

4 Min Read
  Had this buck been two years older, it would have found its way to the camp meat pole, but it drew a pass when the author let it walk. Since 2006, we’ve made a trip to Missouri to visit Jim and Darlene Wilson, at Ozark Mountain Outfitters (OMO).  They provide some of the best […]

Lyme Disease and Tick Prevention

6 Min Read
Ticks carry a life threatening disease called Lyme Disease. Learn how to stay safe in the woods this spring. Also read about recent studies that reveal the most effective tick repellant available. This article contains important information that may just save your life this spring.

Bowhunters Luck

2 Min Read
Where does luck come from? How much are we allowed to use in our lifetime? How can we bank more luck for future hunts?

Spring Forward Your Bowhunting Career

6 Min Read
Spring is a great time to focus on several aspects of bowhunting, but this blog contains 4 topics rarely discussed that could positively affect your bowhunting success.

It's Not About the Killing

5 Min Read
      The season had been a rough one, but finally I had birds standing broadside at just under 20 yards. The first photo of this article is entitled Jakes: First and 20. Now you’re probably thinking that’s kind of a weird title and that perhaps there is a great little story buried somewhere within.  Well […]
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