Monster Raxx Minerals and Trail Cameras

The afternoon of June 13th I was able to breakaway from the family for a little while…  What’s a guy to do with a few spare hours, a couple bags of Monster Raxx Minerals and some idle trail cameras to do? I can tell you mowing the yard didn’t cross my mind but starting my preparations for this autumns whitetail pursuits certainly did!


This is my first experience using Monster Raxx Minerals, I am looking forward to the trail camera results.

After mulling over my options, I knew roughly where I wanted to start. I arrived at my destination, parked the truck and grabbed my things. While walking the field edge I look down and what do I see? A busted off spike antler resting at my feet.

This little guy eluded me during shed season.

As I mentioned above, I knew roughly where I wanted to start from where I have glassed bucks during past summers but did not have an exact location picked out. I could see a decent amount of hoof tracks ahead of me in a shaded, muddy section of the field. As I approached the tracks I could see that they were nice sized and decided to put the minerals just inside the timber on this deer trail. 

These tracks made my decision easy where to place my Monste Raxx Minerals.

I will be checking the trail camera soon and am hoping for the best. It’s not easy leaving a trail camera out there for 5+ weeks with out checking it. But, I am adamant in disturbing the whitetail I hunt as little as possible so leaving the camera alone is a necessity. I hope to have an update very soon with some good velvet bucks, so stay tuned for the Monster Raxx trail camera update!



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